Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 1, 2007

Opening Day!

Well, as promised, Major League Baseball kicks off tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, so here’s my blog, New York – your chance to tear The Movement apart or offer your support, converse with me or with other interested fans, and as time goes by, relate your experiences of participation in the project. I don’t know how this whole thing is going to play out over the course of the 2007 season, but let me say thank you, in advance, to all those who put forth their time and effort. In the end, hopefully A-Rod and our Yankees will realize number 27.

For all of you out there heading to Opening Day tomorrow, remember The Rise Campaign. No matter what time of game, no matter what the situation, stand up when Alex steps to the plate. This will be our symbol of support throughout the season, silent or otherwise, and with enough participants it could be quite a sight. To help in this effort, a good friend of mine will be waiting by The Bat around 12:00 noon tomorrow with 50 T-shirts to hand out, for free, on a first-come first-serve basis to all who ask. This is my gift to all of you who are willing, so wear your T-Shirt with pride!

Alright, now to address some of the common themes that were posted on other blogs in response to, which launched on March 13 (25,000+ hits so far; run a search for “projectA13” or “project A13” on to view a sample of sites).

One: looking back on the writing style, tone, and word choice from my three articles on the site, yes, I realize that they are “a bit” over the top! I was an English major in college, so please forgive the fact that I get carried away when I feel strongly about something – ask anyone familiar with my writing. However, I did in fact write these articles, and I did publish the site, so I am not going to go back and change anything – I will stand behind my work. I have to admit though, that once projectA13 started to get read, that scene from Jerry Maguire flashed through my head immediately (you know the one, where he realizes his “Mission Statement” has gone out to the entire firm… Boom!). Oh well – gotta live with it.

Two: no, A-Rod did not create the site, a PR Firm hired by A-Rod did not create the site (that one made me laugh), and so, no one should be blogging things like “Shut up and Play Ball” (although you have every right to blog whatever you want). The site was my idea, and mine alone, and it’s not meant to do anything else than present the argument that booing an athlete – whether it be A-Rod or anyone else – does not help that athlete’s performance, so maybe we should all try something new. That’s it.

Three: no, I do not believe that positive thoughts alone win world championships in sports, or for that matter, account for an individual player’s accomplishments – obviously athletic ability, instincts, and skill make up the lion’s share of this equation. My argument, again, is simply that positive thoughts from both the athlete and his fans help good things happen more often, as opposed to the constant negativity that comes from expectations and entitlement. I apologize a second time if my writing style overshadows this argument.

Four: no, the site is not a tounge-in-cheek joke or elaborate prank – how easy it would be for me now to avoid public ridicule by claiming that it is, but I will not. I know some of you out there (especially Red Sox fans) feel that it’s sad, or obssessive, or creepy/cultish for someone to spend the time, money, and effort to create the site, but I do not. What I think is sad is society’s obssession with negativity when it comes to news and entertainment – highlighted by the treatement of Alex Rodriguez in the media capital of the world – so I woke up one morning and decided to do something about it. For the third time, yes, my writing style and tone on the site is a little ridiculous at times, but it is simply the equal and opposite response of one Yankee fan to New York’s ridiculous treatment of A-Rod… action/reaction.

Five: my identity is irrelevant, but I saw a lot of posts wondering who I am or where I got the technical savvy to create the website. While I am assuming my identity will come out in due time (if the site really gets popular), I will protect it for as long as I can for general privacy reasons. And as for the savvy-ness/cost of the site, well, I know next to nothing about creating websites! Basically, I designed the logo on paper, had someone draw it in Illustrator, and then I wrote all the copy/articles/slogans for the site. After that, I licensed the three baseball pictures from Getty Images and bought a website template from, then had another couple of friends tweak the code of the template to incorporate the pictures, graphics, copy, etc. And for the record, no, I did not choose the music – that came with the template as well!

Well, I guess I should rap it up here for my first post – whew! Future posts will be shorter, I promise. Basically, have fun rooting for the Yankees tomorrow, be positive (even if things don’t go A-Rod’s way), and enjoy all the anticipation and possibility that comes with the start of a new baseball season. Thank you again for your time and effort, and as this thing progresses throughout the month, I will add links to articles, my artwork, other blogs etc.

Let me know your thoughts, New York – whether positive or negative – by commenting below. For fun, check out this video clip from Yahoo TV’s show, The Nine, which highlights projectA13 under No. 5, “Boos Hound”. The word is definitely spreading…



  1. Great job on putting this together. I look forward to root on A-Rod and the rest of the Yanks for what will hopefully be and finally realized #27. I will also add that I’m concerned with the pitching and feel just a bit nervous about relying upon the offense once again (particularly because of the dominant pitching from recent previous championship seasons).

  2. Please email me. I’d like to speak with you in private. (Feel free to hide your name, as it appears you don’t want your identity out.) Thanks.

  3. Hi, i am a full season ticket holder and i am very excited with what you have put together here. Its time that we do something about the vicious hatred toward a future hall of famer. If you are able to e-mail me i too would like to speak with you in private. Thank you.

  4. I have always thought that A-Rod has gotten a raw deal from the moment he signed with NY; and I think (just my opinion, which may not be correct)some of A-Rods performance problems stems from the attitude of Derek Jeter. I don’t believe that he has been the supportive team mate; and as the Yankee captain, he should be standing behind A-Rod. The fans pick this up, and dump on A-Rod. Now I am not saying that this is all Jeters fault. I am saying that he has either wittingly or unwittingly contributed to the problem. Personally, I am glad that A-Rob is a Yankee, and hope that he remains a Yankee

  5. This website is fantastic. I am just mad I didnt think of this idea sooner. You got some press in the NY Post today – you should be getting a lot more hits in the coming days, and it’s well deserved !

  6. This is a great website. I hope A-Rod remains a Yankee for the rest of his career. Baseball is a team game and while there is a ton of pressure playing for the Yanks, that doesn’t mean all of it must be handled by A-Rod. Spread the praise and the criticism around equally.

  7. I completely agree with you! As a lifelong Yankee fan that lives in Boston (GULP), I am tired of hearing Yankee fans blame him for everything. I have been accused of not knowing what I am talking about when I defend him. I think he needs another chance! 2007 is a new season!! GO YANKEES!

  8. Hi i am a diehard yankee fan and i couldnt agree with you more i see it in my friends all the time when ever he does something good oh yeah hes great but as soon as he messes up hes the worst he never comes through in the clutch etc. so its time new york either hate him or embrace him but dont do both and if you hate him and if he turns around to lead them to #27 dont suddenly become his greatest fan.

  9. Can we make a bet on what inning Erod makes his first error in? I say the 3rd.

  10. this has to be the gayest site I’ve ever seen. Get a life…loser

  11. you should take this site down. It is really really gay. I cant believe how much time you spent on this. It is truly sad.

  12. Well written and thought provoking site, and an interesting idea. Sad to see the petty and juvenile (not to mention homophobic) nonsense some people insist on posting.

    If you’re a Yankee fan and want to boo Rodriguez (or anyone else for that matter) that’s your perogative. But I for one would like to see what positive support will do for him.

    Of course, as I write this, A-Rod makes his first Error….. I fear it could be a long season. See you at the Bat on Wednesday.

  13. DK- it didn’t even take to the 3rd before he messd up –
    E – A Rodriguez (1, dropped foul ball).

  14. Someone was wrong, Arod actually made his first error in the first. Wow pathetic…

  15. Please keep cheering for me I will catch the next one.

  16. Finaly got just to say….Finaly someone who agrees with me. Boong A-Rod and others is one of the stupidest thing you can do.It only hinders NEVER helps. Do you like being booed? I think NOT!! I know A-Rod dropped the ball in the 1st and struckout in his first ab. I’m sure he’s not the first player to ever do that.It’s like they say if you (including fans) cannot stand failure then you shouldn’t like baseball. Gald I finaly got that out. And FYI I’m not a Yank fan. I’m a Cards fan. I’m just tired of ya’ll booing the poor the guy.

  17. Opening day, 1st at bat K. Great start to 07. Oh yeah he added an E to that score sheet just now.

  18. Great site. The way Alex has been treated sickens me. Yes he gets paid a boatload. Yes he hasn’t been good in the playoffs. But one thing is true: he’s a Yankee. Is it jealously that people BOO? He clearly leaves it all on the field everyday. Go AROD Go Yankees let the movement begin.

  19. I saw in article in the post this morning and could not wait to get home from work to see this site. I am so down with this movement. I will be standing even in my living room when I can’t make it to a game. And maybe, just maybe he hit that homerun today for all of us who are behind him. It’s a new year, a new season, It’s time. 27 in 2007. Go Yanks!!

  20. how many #4 batters can hit a single and then steal second in a tie game.Then next at bat hit a 2 run bomb to ice the game?oh yeah if you ask him to play shortstop he will gladly do that better than anyone.This guy does it all. Anyone who knows baseball knows this is the greatest baseball player of our time.

  21. I just wanted to say thank you, really, thank you so very much. I’m a HUGE Arod fan and when my friend gave me the link to this site, my eyes literally watered. The opinions you’ve expressed are shared by everyone in my household. We’re life long Yankee fans, but I really got into them when Alex joined the team. He brought so much fun and energy and it’s been heartbreaking to witness
    his treatment at the hands of so-called fans. I will be watching this site closely and I support you 1000%


  23. i was at the game today, and everyone in my section booed when he made the error and cheered when he homered. I then got up scolded my fellow fans for their flip flopping. its time we all stand up and cheer!


  25. I whole heartedly agree with you about laying off Arod. It obviously bothers his play and having him not playing to his potential does the Yankees no good. Let’s give him a pass (at least for the first half and see where that gets us).

  26. Great idea it boggles the mind that true Yankees fans would constintly boo one of there own. I know the contract but remember the Rangers gave him that deal. He is most likely the best player in the game and do Yankee fans really want him to suceed some where else.
    Yes he talks too much and is ultra sensitive but he is a Yankee and we need him to win so why not get behind him. I know drama sells newspaper and ESPN has done there share to overplay this whole sitution for ratings or course.
    Good luck with the website as a life long Yankee fan living in Florida GO YANKEES.

  27. we all love mattingly. the yankees never even won the american league east when he played. so please stop with “it only counts in october” we are watching the greatest baseball player in the world. get behind him and lets go for #27

  28. Good game yesterday, hysterical all the haters that come on here bashing the Yanks, especially those who are red sox fans. Speaking of that, great pitching by Schilling. How ’bout that Gil Meche!! haha

  29. I am a Red Sox fan and yes, yesterday was terrible for them….but it is game one of a very long season so I don’t think we need to be dumping on the Sox just yet….we’ll see what happens in October! As for ARod, I feel bad the way he has been treated in NY. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he walks in Novermeber and you only have yourselves to blame for that!

  30. Siskokid55 said:
    April 3rd, 2007 at 4:36 pm
    The contract should be a non-issue. Some dope in Texas gave it to him,(I’d would have taken it wouldn”t you). Texas is full of missmanagment, just look at our President (oh, that’s right he was involved with that team wasn’t he).The Yanks got a bargin, Texas is paying a lot of it. In taking the contract off their hands the Yanks also saved Rangers baseball. ARod is Demag plus, lets get him to The Hall in pinstripes.Flagstaff AZ.

  31. I think this is so great. We have one of the greatest athlete the country has ever seen and we’re not even supporting him!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting up this site. Its about time we celebrate the greatness and uniqueness that is Alex K Rodriquez.

    Its like our fans have become so corporate and soulless sometimes. I think we have way too many bandwagon, under 30, know nothing, spoiled rotten, unrealistic fans. I’m disgusted with these younger fans who act like idiots with their screaming and moaning. They should know from real suffering.

    Just because we have the highest payroll and highest paid player doesn’t mean we’re going to win all the time.

    We all have to row the same boat, sing from the same hymnbook and keep listening to Michael Kay, Jon Sterling and Suzyn Waldperson who are the only people in the media who get it.

    This guy has been maligned, slandered and libeled by the media and so called “fans” who expect him to be clutch. Its like these people who always complain about corruption, waste and inefficiency in New Jersey state government.

    You know what I say to those who complain about putting in the same corrupt Democrats in NJ office time after time- “Well then you do it!”

    More later. Bravo for a site that will likely change how we root for our teams in NY.

  32. I have been a Yankee fan all my life and i am ashamed of the “so called” yankee fans lately. Would you just let A-Rod play the game. Enough is enough. For home games at yankee stadium the crowd is supposed to be the 10th man on the team for the yanks. Instead the crowd is giving the away team an advantage whenever A-Rod comes to the plate. The crowd psychs him out. Nobody in the stands can play any better, especially with 55,000 so called fans booing your own team member. The guy is human and if you want him to play better than cheer for him.

  33. Oh ok, its a long season that’s for sure, so why are you all dumping on A-Rod after the error in the first inning. Heed your own advice, while you are at it, hold your breath that the Dice-K doesn’t pull a Schilling against KC and get KO’ed

  34. I think we should compose a theme song for The Movement.

    Something catchy- like the Michael Kay theme song for his radio show. That song is great and you can’t get it out of your head.

    “Michael Kay is on the radio today and he’s not afraid to say what he’s thinking, turn him on the lines are blinking” Something like that. Maybe we could get Joey Salvia to write something for us.

    I can’t wait until we get more media coverage for something that should have been embraced two years ago.

    Long live the Movement. Long live my Yankees!!!

  35. I wasn’t dumping on ARod, just saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks at the end of the season….you guys ought to calm down a bit….I think Dice-K will be fine, but who really knows. I hope he was worth the money they spent on him. Time will tell. In any event, it will be a very long and often times a very exciting season. Personally I hope it is the Sox vs. Yankees in October.

  36. Don’t tell us to calm down!!!!
    This isn’t your site, bub. You didn’t win the rights to call A-Rod one of your own. We did and we’re proud of it. You have Mike Lowell- a guy we gave up a long time ago when he was still good so don’t go telling us about players and winning and all that stuff you think you know.

    Your team can’t hit and you don’t have the class, tradition or resources we do so take a hike down the pike Mass boy.

    The NY Yankees- the greatest team and franchise in the history of American sports.

    Live the dream!!! Long live the Movement!!!

  37. Although I’m from Chicago and grew up a Cubbies fan, I do share a great love for the Yankees. My whole view on A-rod is “he is a Yankee and we should love him as we love the rest.” So I say to the man himself, “Keep hittin’ those A-Bombs and make us proud!” Go Yankees!

  38. Go Yankees is right, Tanya!!!

    I love a fan who can embrace two or more teams- that’s what the essence of fandom is all about.

    That’s why I’m voting for Hilary in ’08.

    “Its not a flip flop if you believe it when they think you said it”

  39. Really no need to get nasty…you must be a New Yorker…and I can say that because I was born and raised there! So I know……you don’t need to get all fired up over the Red Sox if you really believe they aren’t any good. Oh, by the way, I’m not a boy……….

  40. I totally agree with everything everyone is saying. I can’t believe how horrible my fellow fans are…my god people…please pick a side and stay with it….as for me…i will always cheer for A=Rod and hope he stays a Yankee for a very long time….and for you haters….why is it that so many teams wanted him in the offseason and yet all we want to do is get rid of him…if you all drive him out of NY….i can see you all crying about how you wish you had him back….just think of another player who can have a horrible year by his standards and yet still be one of the best players in the entire world….He comes to NY and moves his position so that he can play for the best fans in the entore world and all we do is boo…all i have to say is booooooooo to you all who know obviously know nothing…..LETS GO AROD and the 2007 Yankees, we want a championship!!!

  41. well that sums it all up. We aren’t the best fans in the world. We’re spoiled, clueless, petulant frontrunners who have the gall and shamelessness to boo A-Rod when he drops a meaningless pop up and cheer him when he homers when the game is already decided.

    Of all the sports fans in this horribly over-rated sports town, only the Jets fans are consistently behind their team no matter what.
    Yankee fans are fickle and think that the way George runs this team is the way to win. Let’s overpay and outspend every other team by 70 million and if we shoot enough fish in the free agent barrel we’ll win. Ehhhhhhhh.

  42. When I was growing up, we all loved Mickey and he was to be the one to break the Babe’s record. But it was Roger and we loved him for it. Now is the time to learn from the past and not repeat it. Rooting for ARod takes nothing away from Jeter,Georgie ,Mo or anyone else.Where’s Bernie when we need a real class act leader.

  43. I was born and raised in NY and have been a life-long Yankees fan but was transplanted to Texas (of all places) before Alex became a Texas Ranger. He was the most exciting thing to hit Texas baseball and I was heartbroken when he left, but thrilled that he joined my Yankees. I cheer for him regardless of what he does or doesn’t do during a game — maybe living in Dallas has taken the hard edge off me. Regardless, this is a fabulous website and a movement that is truly needed! It makes no sense to boo a player who constantly tries his best, whatever the outcome. (Can you guys imagine having that done to you at work every day?) I watch every Yankees game online or on TV and I’ll stand wherever I am to show my support! Go Alex! Go Yankees!! WIN!!

  44. we will dominate!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Yankees! I think what A Rod said about the curtain call was so important it dwarfs what’s going on in the world with these dumb leaders and these really mean guys in the Middle East.

    If everyone was as positive as A-Rod and our site creator there would be no problems in the world.

    Get Clemens and Zambrano and maybe Texeira and we wrap this thing up in May! People say I’m critical of the Yankees outspending everyone by 25-700%. They say we’re not really competing we’re buying our way into the playoffs where we can lose because we have no heart. So what??? Its our right and priviledge to do that. More teams should spend money like we do.

    Devil Ray fans should shut it if they think they’re at a competitive disadvantage. The NFL’s salary cap is for squares and losers. Nobody watches that stupid sport anyway.

  45. “We’re spoiled, petulant,know nothing fans who have the gall to boo him when he drops a meaningless pop up and the nerve to cheer him when he hits a homer after the game has been decided.”

    Yankee fans hate A-Rod because they are so much like him. There’s no joy when they win because their insanely over the top payroll dicates that they should win. His insanely over the top contract that he should be a World Series MVP and he’s not. There’s only a deep sense of disappointment when the Yankees and Rod inevitably fail.

    We aren’t fans, we’re whiny, narcissitic shareholders who have a little piece of a teetering Fortune 500 company that could go either way but has vastly underperformed given the resources and capital at its disposal over the past six seasons.

    There’s no substance or soul to the contemporary Yankee fan only a ridiculous sense of entitlement and endless reserves of frustration and anger that their overstuffed, overpaid, personality free superstars and front office have failed.

    Hence the creation of something as self-absorbed and ridiculous as The Movement. We have nothing of substance or importance that we feel comfortable enough to talk about so we revert to a sports talk show topic that is so overplayed and irrelevant that’s its safe. A topic made for the likes of Chris Russo or Bill Madden.

  46. Texas gave Arod a big contract…..WHO CARES!
    The President is from Texas……..WHO CARES!
    The Rangers suck……………….WHO CARES!

    Doesn’t NY realize that Seattle and Texas still finished in last place even with him as a player? NY hasn’t made it past the ALCS (even when he tried to cheat to get on base) with him on the roster. How does NY explain that every where he plays he bring the team down? Who cares if he’s the greatest player in history (yea right!) if his locker room and general attitude SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! His interview as all about “ME ME ME”. Let him walk and I bet you get to the WS next year.

  47. Let’s face it, ARod is a choker and this web site isn’t going to change that. How long did it take him to mess up on opening day. Trying so hard to remain positive with such a horrendous mistake on this team is ironic because trying so hard is what messes AFraud up. We can only dream of having a true clutch slugger like Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz, who not only produce the runs, but do it when it counts.

  48. Superb website. A-Rod is going to go down as one of the greatest players in baseball history. As such we should all get behind him and cheer every time he steps on the field. All these “fairweather A-Rod fans” really get to me. One minute you’re booing him, the next you’re cheering for him. A-Rod is gonna break the all-time home-run record and I, for one, would love to see him do it pinstripes.

  49. You can keep him in pinstripes….NO ONE WANTS HIM!

  50. Just wanted to say that I agree with the position of the author of this site. We shouldn’t be booing our team. A true fan sticks by their team through the good times and bad. If we could accept former players of our division rival–and stick by them–then we can surely stick by A-Rod. And in the end, if it doesn’t work out–then we could just chalk it up to that unlucky no. 13!

  51. You people are sad. The yankees have won nothing in this stupid spending spree they have been on the last 6 or so years. Wake up, get some pitching and please grow a set of balls. If a player doesnt perform, no matter what he gets paid, he should expect to be booed. If he cant handle it mentally, well i think that tells a lot of the person. You all saw him in the 8th last night, you really dont think this is going to keep happening? Gayrod will not be in NY next year.

  52. Nobody said it was easy, its such a shame for us to part
    Nobody said it was easy, noone every said it would be so hard, oh, take me back to the start.

    Joey, Johnny, Vito, Mick- whatever your name is.

    You are a sad, spoiled delusional typical young whiny Yankee fan.

    Get over your narcissm, Yankees don’t matter, A-Rod doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of much more important things going on than your p-boy “feelings about A-Rod”

    You’re a load. Get over yourself. Pass the movement. Its clogging your brain.

  53. GRAND SLAM, BABY!!!!!! I screamed so much and so loud, I think someone may have called the cops!
    I am SO HAPPY! Go, Alex, you are the man!!!!!

  54. Thatta boy A-Rod! Viva la movement!!

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