Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 3, 2007

A Tale of Two Halves

Well,  before I get into yesterday’s game – I was there in Box 661 – let me to say thank you to everyone who has posted a supportive message for Project A13 on this blog, or any other blogs out there on the web.  As a few of you have pointed out already, The Movement saw some press time in the NY Post yesterday morning, which is a testament to the idea itself and the hope that it offers all Yankee fans.  I have never done anything this grassroots before, so the speed at which word is spreading – underground as well as above – is awesome to watch on a daily basis.  Let’s keep it going, New York, as this is only the beginning!  Thank you again.

OK, now for the game.  My good friend at The Bat said he was a little nervous at first, but once people started asking questions about the logo and the NY Post article (a copy of the article was given out with the free t-shirts), the general reaction from the fans was positive.  Most people said they would rather see A-Rod succeed in Pinstripes than leave town after the season – everyone, of course, commented on his natural abilities – and that The Movement sounds like a good idea.  A few people approached my friend that had already been to the website, and these fans offered their support with a handshake.  At the very least, the logo and t-shirts sparked a lot of conversation about A-Rod and his current situation in New York, and this is what we want.  Conversation and debate leads to new thoughts, ideas, and understanding, and my friend felt he did his part to spread the word today.  He deserves a thank you as well!

In Box 661, things started off slowly for A-Rod in the opening half of the game, and that meant the same for me.  The boos reigned down after the error in the first inning, and again after the strikeout in the bottom of the frame, but this was to be expected given the early stages of our project.  At this point, however, an angry, frustrated fan behind me asked one of his friends if he had seen the new A-Rod website – the one that says “no booze”! – which prompted me to point to the website address on the back of my t-shirt.  I gave this fan a copy of the article, which he promptly read, and as the day wore on, little by little, he started to voice his support for Alex (even though he had started off the day with boos).

Well, things really got interesting in the second half of the game, starting when this same fan decided to stand with me for A-Rod’s seventh inning at-bat.  The sun had started to come out an inning earlier for Jeter’s game-tying single in the sixth (how awesome is The Captain? of course the sun came out for his big moment), but in the seventh the day had turned bright.  Right on cue for my new member of The Movement, Alex ripped a shot past the shortstop into left-centerfield, and the winning run was aboard.   Now other people around me started asking for T-shirts, wanting to join in on the fun, and as I turned my back to the action to pass out a shirt, A-Rod stole second base – the winning run moved into scoring position.  Then, just like that, Giambi smacked a single that sent A-Rod home, and the crowd was on their feet again, especially Box 661.

After that display, let’s just say that I was praying Alex would get another chance to hit in the eighth.  As luck would have it on this day, Abreu got the two-out hit we needed, and Mienkiewitz slid in safe at the plate – just barely – to bring number 13 to the plate, one final time.  Now Box 661 and my new friends were all on their feet, T-shirts in hand, waiting for A-Rod to dig in.  Before I knew what was happening – BOOM – he blasted a shot to dead center that never had a doubt.  Pandemoniom in Box 661.  If I had any T-shirts left over from the previous inning, they all disappeared instantly into the hands of happy fans, even a couple of business guys in three-piece suits.  My newest friend, Anthony M – the angry, frustrated fan from the first inning – begged me to hold up an extra shirt for all to see, and we both did so for the next few minutes, proud of the project and even prouder still of how it all seemed to work out… now that is what I call an Opening Day!

In the end, the Yankees finished the game with Mo striking out the side – nice – and I finished the day handing out copies of the article as people headed to the subway.  As I stood there in the light filtering down through the tracks above, a passerby pointed to the logo on my chest and said, “That’s the website I’m talking about!”  I gave this fan the article, he gave me a fist-bump, and one more person joined The Movement.



  1. A cold start is an understatement. In the first frame he managed to miss the ball with both bat and glove, earning the proud combination of E and K in one inning.

    Let’s get real.

  2. This is a great site. Keep up the good work.

  3. My question to all the couch-GM’s who boo Arod: Who would you have replace him at third? And I’m tired of hearing about his contract. The $25M figure is irrelevant because the Yanks are only paying him $16M. Who cares what he’s making from other teams? $16M puts him at $5M less than Giambi and I didn’t hear too many boos when Giambi hit .250 last year. But I’m not trying to redirect the boos. I’m just saying the booing is mostly unwarranted. Stop reading Wallace Mathews and get an opinion of your own.

  4. we all love mattingly but remember the yankees never even won the american league east when he was playing.This “true yankee” stuff is ridiculous. arod is the best baseball player on the planet, his worst years would be great years for mattingly, yet the fans boo him and say “it only matters in october” if you believe this is true then you cant like mattingly. And we all love #23!!

  5. To me it was Posada who didn’t leave the catchers box to field the ball and should have received the E. Would A-Rod receive the E if he stayed close to 3rd?

  6. you sat in box 661? my season tix are in box 645

  7. It’s all about the W. Go A-Rod, Go Yankees!

  8. I am really liking this website. It is about time someone stands up for A-rod other than myself. I pretty much argue with my co-workers all the time defending A-rod, yet they trash him and the worst part of it all they consider themselves yankee fans. The fact of the matter is you don’t appreciate what you have until it is gone. If A-rod leaves (which I doubt), then we will see how yankee fans will regret it.

  9. Great concept. I think all Yankee fans would rather see 755 (or maybe 800 by then) broken by a Yankee. It would also be nice to see the legit single season HR record of 61 broken by a Righthanded Yankee. Yank fans are too spoiled. Place yourself back in 1991 with the likes of Steve Farr, Tim Leary, Mel Hall, and Jesse Barfield. A-Rod is not Jeter, never will be, but that should make us traditional Yankee fans happy. It just proves our point that Jeter’s intangibles make him one of the greatest to play. We need to get over ourselves and just be happy to have one of the greatest offensive players ever to play in the pinstripes. If we won World Series with guys like Charlie Hayes at Third and Dion James in Left, then we can win with A-Rod.

    Also, this site should design a T-Shirt to sell, to promote the movement in the hopes that A-Rod will stay.

  10. I commend you for this blog and for trying to back a player that has taken some unnecessary heat in the past few seasons. With that said, I think it is absolutely rediculous that you have to hand out t-shirts and whatnot to try to sell A-Rod to the Yankee faithful. This guy has more baseball talent in his pinky than Jeter has in his whole body. That may sound like a dig at Jeter, but it’s not. A-Rod has so much skill, the fans should just shutup and let him play. The fact that he puts on the Yankee jersey alone means you should cheer for him. His numbers have still been astounding since coming to the Bronx and it’s about time Yankee fans accepted him for that.

  11. A few things. I live out in California for the last 12 years after growing up in NY. Fans out here are loving the booing because they want A-rod to opt out and go to either the Giants or as my Southern California friends want the Angels. To me it makes me sick to think about A-rod leaving. Thank you for posting this blog and Yankee Fans, start cheering and stop booing. You will miss him when he is gone.

  12. He started out crappy, and ended with a bang!But really, as long as at the end of the day the yanks win who cares if he goes 0 for 6? At least ya’ll (yank fans of course) didn’t boo him the whole game.Way to GO!

  13. when he goes 0 for 6 and the yanks win the ny media talks about arod and how bad he did not the yankee win. It has to stop. Thats why this site is great.

  14. I truly commend what you’re doing here. I’ve been arguing with others for some time now about A-Rod and how great a player he is. How can fans possibly expect A-Rod to produce every time he comes to the plate!?! Especially when fans boo him left & right! That would have a negative effect on anyone. As for the error, the day was gloomy, making it tough to even spot where the ball was. He still made the attempt. I didn’t see anyone else trying. Keep up the good work!

  15. This site is a joke.

  16. THIS SITE IS AWESOME! I am a 100% die hard Yankees fan, and a 100% ALEX RODRIGUEZ SUPPORTER. THE YANKEES HAVE THE GAME’S MOST ALL AROUND TALENTED PLAYER PLAYING 3B. The fans are too dumb to realize how incredibly amazing AROD is. Stop booing him, SUPPORT him. He will stay in New York and help the Yankees win a World Series if we all support him. He shouldn’t have to deal with the bull that he goes through when he is at home. STOP BOOING HIM, SUPPORT AND BELIEVE IN HIM AND THE YANKEES WILL BE THE 2007 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!

  17. People, don’t make this about do you think ARod (as a Yankee) is great or not! That’s what it keeps degrading to but that’s not what it’s about. Has he had good general numbers – YES. Has he had good clutch numbers as a Yankee – NO. If you watch every game, has he been good under pressure – NO! Is much of that pressure fan and media created – Yes! Face it, some of the result we don’t want is partly due to Yankee fans! Wake up! Booing him does not help him and worse it doesn’t help US!! As a Yankee fan it infuriates me to see Yankee fans hurting their own cause. Stop it morons! Complain about him outside the park all you want. Support him while you are there or don’t go – you’re not a productive fan (and no, it doesn’t matter what you paid to get in.)

  18. omg!! i love your website!! atleast now i know someone else besides me cares about this situation..its really getting ridiculous and yankee fans need to stop. We need him. Yes, we, the New York Yankees, need ALEX RODRIGUEZ. So it is our duty as yankees fans to support him 100% all the time not only when he hits it where no one can cath it.. these fans don’t know what they are doing.. Anyways, the game was AWESOME, Alex was Awesome and i have a really good feeling about this year! I’m off to the stadium tomorrow. =] GO YANKEES!! & most importantly GO AROD!!!!

  19. C’mon….Arod is overrated and everyone knows that. He had a few great years, and now he is just like any other “good” player (not great). He was on pace to be the best, but we all know that isn’t true, and we all know he won’t be the best. Yeah, he puts up decent numbers when the Yankees are winning, but when the game is on the line, he is awfullllll. I mean the Yankees have a chance at the playoffs/world series, even though it’s gonna be tough with the Sox, but any of the Yankees chances will be with Arod batting 8th and him not getting a hit…..He should Opt out because there is too much pressure in New York and he can’t handle it. He did better in Seattle and Texas where no one really cared as much…..but in NY, he is nothing, just another over paid player that helps a team who ruins the game of baseball…..wish ya could have the 40/40 man back huh??

  20. Great site!!! The whole boo A-Rod thing is something that the media created. They always need a whipping boy and Alex makes 25 mil he was nominated. As far as the post season thing take a look at the entire lineup from game 4 of the ALCS 2005 till game 4 of LDS and you’ll see most of them stunk too and throw the pitching staff too. Although Alex sometimes shoots himself in the foot and tries to be too perfect to the outside world no one can argue that he is one of the top 3 players in MLB. I want nothing more than for him to stay and retire a Yankee with 3 or 4 rings. Yankee fans show Alex some love and you will see amazing things from him. GO A-ROD

  21. You might see Arod retire as a Yankee….It would be a waste of money and talent, but it could happen….as for the 3-4 rings, dude, c’mon, get real. He might get one, but I highly doubt it would happen. And if he does get that ONE ring, it will be because he did NOTHING to earn it….

  22. Arod is the best option for the yankees at 3rd and he might be the best at 3rd in the AL. Just because they hand Eric Chavez the G.G. every year does not make me buy that he is the best. Arod’s “terrible” year last year would have been MVP #’s for 95% of the players in the league. And not coming up huge in the playoffs is not just problem he can’t do it all. Go back and look at the numbers VS the tigers, the only 2 that REALLY hit were Jeter and Jorge. Love the Site Love the yanks LOve ARod!

  23. But no one pays $25 or $16 million or whatever for Jeter or Jorge….and no one is questioning or trying to run them out of town either….you arguement is pointless. And what are you talking about “arod can’t do it all”? We are saying he is doing NOTHING, so no crap he “can’t do it all”…..If Eric Chavez had as many errors as A-rod, then Mike Lowell would prob win the G.G., even though Lowell should have won it anyway….and if anyone else had A-rods numbers, no one would have been an MVP unless they helped their team win, somthing A-rod knows nothing about…..

  24. To add what BERT said about 2006 ALDS, it was Giambi who called him out on a sports illustrated article back in September of 2006. This guy Giambi ran his mouth because he was hitting again, but back in 2005 when he was barely batting .200, you couldn’t even interview Giambi. By the time the ALDS was over, A-rod and Giambi had the same amount of hits, ONE. Hey Giambi, we found out who you were in October. Also, we haven’t won since Giambi became a Yankee, so who is he to talk about his teammates. I like JM’s response about promoting ways to keep A-rod in NY. I am for A-rod. LETS GO YANKS.

  25. What I mean by he cant do it all is that just because he doesnt produce is no reason to run him out of town because last year only 2 people did produce regardless of $ they are there to win. Regardless of what it seems like, Alex is actually near the top of the league in go-ahead RBI since joining the yankees so he obviously isnt doing “nothing”. Ill concede that Lowell should have gotten the G.G. last year but Arod had a case his 1st 2 seasons in N.Y. and finally, Justin Morneau’s # work not that much higher then arods and he won the MVP on a team that won the division on the last day.

  26. Giambi is a cheater and is a worthless living being… I LOVED, i mean LOVED him in Oakland, but sure enough he signs a ridiculous contract, runs for NY, and then sells out….What happened to the tatooed, long haired, surfing, rock star? He turned into an uptight suit. Sure George has his rules, but c’mon, can he really take a man’s pride too? Pathetic. Besides, Giambi is a cheater, he is in the same category as Sheffy and Bonds and McGwire(who also used to be one of my favorite players)…he is just another asteriks(spelling?). As for Giambi winning the comeback players of the year a little while ago still drives me crazy….the MLB awarded someone to “stop” cheating, pathetic again…anyway, I understand why everyone wants A-rod to stay…but trust me, it’s for his own good, let him leave….

  27. Sloan, you are obviously a Yankee hater and that is cool, I guess. If you are a fan, you have a funny way of showing it. The idea is to get behind A-Rod and cheer him. The way we cheer Giambi and Jeter and Cano. The greatest players belong in Yankee Stadium as this is the bissest stage in professional sports. When players like Tejada and Ortiz and Konerko state they love playing here because of the auro and passion of the fans it is because they respect the Yankees and know what it takes to play there everyday. Let’s keep this friendly and remember it is a positive site.

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