Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 5, 2007

GREEN IS GOOD: Wear it tonight!

Being that I work in the financial industry, and NYC is a financial kind of town, I thought I’d have fun with the famous Gordon Gekko quote in the title above.  Forgive me, as Mr. Gekko clearly does not represent the values associated with Project A13 – but he does have a point, doesn’t he?

Greed for certain things can be good when used as a catalyst for progress, because greed is a product of passion, and usually drives people to work hard to acheive their goals.  In terms of our project, we each have a greed for change, don’t we?  We have a greed for redemption, and we are willing to put in the time and effort, even in the face of criticism and against popular behavior at the Stadium, to make the desired result happen.  In this sense, greed is good for Project A13, because it aims to shift our mindset away from money and the importance The Contract has been given to the Alex Rodriguez debate.  By supporting The Movement, and by suporting our third baseman no matter what, we are all attempting to “remove money from the equation”.  Maybe we should all wear the color of money, then, to remind us of this fact: Green is Good.

Stepping back for a moment, thank you to the five bloggers that weighed in on the Official Color choice.  As Ori astutely points out, orange and blue would look too much like the Mets (I can’t believe I missed that one!).  And, while yellow is a good color to get noticed in the stands (and popular amongst the bloggers, it appears) the similarity to the Lance Armstrong and/or U.S. Soldier programs is too close – I respect these efforts too much to borrow their choice of color.

With that said, let’s try something different and go with green.  On top of the analysis above, it’s the color that stands out the most on the website, and it’s the color I originally wanted to use for the Logo’s “plus” sign – it just feels positive.   Green is also the first color baseball fans see when they step out of the tunnels and see the field – an awesome, awe-inspiring experience every time – so let’s use these good vibes.  Furthermore, green would seem to be the natural choice for any “grassroots” type of movement, which is exactly the type of project we are involved with here.  Again, green sounds good.

So what do you think?  Wear green to the stadium tonight (and for the remainder of the season) if you support A-Rod, and if you support The Movement. The exact shade of green doesn’t matter for now, but the brighter the better – you want other fans and the cameras to notice.  Be sure to print out signs using the PDF’s on the site, and make sure to RISE when A-Rod steps to the plate.  As always, have fun, be positive through the good and bad, and continue to spread the word… one fan at a time, right?



  1. I’m with you all the way with this one.

    As go the Players so go the Yankees!!

    As a long-time Yankee fan and 10-year season tkt holder, I’ve heard many great players get booed, including Andy Pettitte (welcome back) and Mo Rivera (really). Since my blood runs pinstriped I just can’t boo any Yankee – but every fan has that right – to boo or not to boo!!!! I’ve been there to welcome back Tino, Mike Stanley, David Wells, Jim Leyritz … all with standing ovations. I’m really not sure what that’s about!!

    I also have a soft spot in my heart for the work A-Rod does with children and their mental health :)))))))))))

    So let’s go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See you all at the Stadium.

  2. I have a very big problem with those who boo. Last year, I yelled at those who booed A-Rod after a bogus strikeout and told them all to support our player rather than make him feel like shit. I feel that the physical as well as the mental of thinking positively needs to be implemented. We need to stand up and let those who boo for the stupidest reasons ever know that we don’t agree with them and this needs to stop.

  3. I won’t be at the game tonight because I live in Boston but I will be watching and wearing Green! Go Arod, Go Yankees!

  4. I dedicated an episode of my web comic to you and Project A13.

    Check it out and Enjoy!

  5. OH YES!!!!!! What a moment. WALK OFF GRAND SLAM!

    He isn’t gonna let us down. I believe in him

  6. Went out and bought a green cap Saturday!


    Ive started a thread about this website

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