Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 6, 2007

The Perfect Test

What did you do?  Did you throw your clicker across the room?  Did you scream something loud and profane at your TV?  If you were at the game, did you boo?

Game 2 of 162, and already a test.  Bottom of the eighth, bases loaded, two outs, and down by a run.  Even though I was at home, I got to my feet, I got excited, and I tried to visualize the hit.  Now, here come’s the pitch… pop-up.

What did you do?  I shook my head, sat back down on the couch, and let out a deep breath of air… this isn’t going to be easy, is it?  Did I really think that all it was going to take is a website, a blog, a few t-shirts, and then all of a sudden A-Rod becomes Mr. Clutch?  Maybe.  But even Mr. Clutch is going to pop the ball up seven times out of ten – that’s just baseball – so what is this thing going to take?

Patience.  Perserverance.  Time.

If we truly support Alex, we stick by him no matter what – even when he pops the ball up in a big spot.  Only when the boos stop being the automatic reaction to an outcome like tonight, will anything start to change.  Our project is not about who cheers the loudest when he gets the big hit, right?  Anyone can do that.  Our project is about who stands by him the most when he doesn’t.  Think about that. 

Game 2 of 162.  What did you do?



  1. Actualy Alex came threw in game 1. he had the hit that got the Rally started, stole secoudn to get in scoring position then Giambi dove him in and he scored the tying run. Thats as clutch as hiting a game wining HR just not as recognized. Also he got the big hit later in the game puting the game out of reach. He can’t do it every game but tonight dispite the loss he did contrbute with the first RBI of the game. Again thats clutch. he was not alone in failing eather DJ and Abrue also came up short in that inning as well.


  2. i wore green (didnt see anyone else where green), i stood up for every at-bat, cheered him when he doubled, cheered him when he moved jeter over with a sac fly (it lead to the tying runs scoring), i cheered and clapped when he popped out with the bases juiced and said “its alright man, well get em next time.”

  3. Whoever runs this site… I’ve been trying to find a way to contact you. PLEASE email me… Thank you!

  4. I booed Bobby Abreu for choking with 1 out and the bases loaded instead.

  5. I actually just heard this on the way into my office building (NO LIE):

    [Supposed] Yankee fan:
    “I actually don’t mind the loss too much because of the way A-Rod failed”

    I just ran into my building before I punched this FRAUD of a fan in the face.

    Anyway, last night I heard on the radio a “fan” that was at the game call in and actually say “this is the end of the line for A-Rod, he just can’t cut it in NY”


    I know I shouldn’t get worked up about it, but seriously, I am embarrassed to be a Yankee fan at this point!

  6. I dedicated an episode of my web comic to you and Project A13.

    Check it out and Enjoy!

  7. I must admit i ALMOST wanted to boo when he didnt come through with the bases chucked. But instead i took a look at the game. Abreu didnt do it either, the captain had 2 more errors, and our “relief” pitchers couldn’t hit the side of a barn. It’s a team game people. I still support Alex and the yanks! Big win vs Baltimore tonight is coming.

  8. He can’t hit 1.000 and he is not perfect. To be hoenst i have more respect for the guy for staying in NY and WANTING to be a Yankee. i prefer the payers that come to NY to be yankees and not to get rich. So far this seaosn A-rod has acounted in some way for the scoring in all three games. To me he is being productive the Ignorant fans that thing otherwise can boo all they want it’s wahat fans do but real fans are smart enuf to know the difrence between unrealistic expectations, and wathing a truly gifted ball player.

  9. I’m a Sox fan – and I’m embarassed that my rivals, you Yankees fans, have to resort to this type approach. You guys are supposed to be TOUGH. You’re supposed to be a demanding fan base. Face the facts, A-Rod can’t cut it in a big market, under big pressure. Some guys just can’t do it. His “big homer” against the Rays on opening day wasn’t that clutch – The Yankees were up 2 in the 8th with Mo coming in, that’s about a 99% certainity you’ll win.

  10. Leave it to a Sox fan to tell us what is clutch.

    Today’s game against the O’s WAS clutch!

  11. “Big Papi gets it done?” I think Big Papi’s bat is asleep! Go away!

  12. Awesome job today by A-Rod! I got mad props from all my friends who are A-Rod haters!!!

  13. Hey Big Papi gets it done, get a fucking life and get off this blog. A-Rod won the game for us today, so get off now before I make you get off, bitch.


    I started a thread about this website

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