Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 8, 2007

Into the Black

Two quick outs to start the ninth, but for some reason I had this feeling A-Rod was going to get his shot. Then Cano singles, and Jeter works a walk. At this point, my father turns to me and says, “Abreu’s gonna win the game right here.”

I looked him right in the eye and said, “Nope… this game is gonna come down to A-Rod. These moments just find him.”

Sure enough, the very next pitch, Abreu gets drilled by Chris Ray. “You see,” I said quietly. And so, into the batter’s box stepped Alex Rodriguez.

I was there. Of all the games to get tickets to, I was there. At the risk of giving up my identity, I was in my Box 638 Plan D seats – just behind third base and above A-Rod’s right shoulder – and I had already posted three printouts of the logo to the facing of the upper deck, hoping he would notice. I had already stood for each at-bat, and scanned the crowd for green. I had already watched a home run, a double, a hard-hit out, a hard-fought walk, and now this… the game on his shoulders once again. I saw this moment coming – or at least hoped it would arrive – from a mile away. And here it was…

The sound the bat made as it collided with the ball stopped time for a moment – crack! – and everyone just knew. We were already on our feet, but the crowd seemed to rise just a little bit more as that ball hurtled toward the black, climbing and climbing till there was no field left to clear. Then, pandemonium in the Bronx, not just in Box 638.

Oh, what a moment. Two outs, two strikes, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, down by a run… the definition of pressure. It may only be April 8th, Project A13 may only be an idea, but something real, and clutch, and incredible happened yesterday at Yankee Stadium. It was like a switch had been flipped… like all the anger and frustration continued on the flight of that ball, right out of New York. Did you see A-Rod round those bases? Did you hear the fans as they exited the ballpark? Something different had just happened. A page had been turned.

I was there. All the people around me who asked about the t-shirt, who watched me post the logo, who stared as I stood up for A-Rod, each and every time… well, the words “instant believers” comes to mind.

This is just the beginning, you know. Build from the positive, and the sky is the limit.



  1. I had tickets.. and I feel like an idiot for not going.

  2. Good for Alex!! Amazing day 🙂

  3. That was one awsome game for Arod!!
    He showed all those haters.
    I hope this makes those rude people and people who say they are “true” yankee fans but dont know how to say one nice thing about a player on their team shut up!!!
    Go Arod, i have a feeling he is ganna get those 500 homers this month or if not this month next!!

  4. great game for A-Rod

  5. From Virginia I was standing screaming at the television the whole time watching Orioles coverage to get the game, got my mom–a die hard lifer to stand too–and I swear we could hear it from there. It was perfect.

  6. amazing, i was there.

  7. As Abreu stepped in i said – and i quote “watch abreu get tagged right here, and it’s gonna be on A-rod” Sure enough the very next pitch hit Bobby right on the knee. The next thing i know my brother was jumpin into my arms and we were waving our A-rod jerseys around like the steelers terrible towels. What a game A-rod!

  8. without arod tha yankees are probably 0-4.He is carrying the yankees on his back. I know its very early but did anyone see that refrigerator fall off arods back while he was rounding the bases.MVP.

  9. My daughter and I were sitting next to you on the aisle – WHAT A GAME!!!!

  10. 6 games into it and I hear MVP talk, wow, and think, if the Devil Rays won tonight they would be in first place in the AL East…..interesting. I’m not gonna say much about this game, I mean think of it, all A-rod needed was a single, and he ended up hitting one out, good for him, I tip my hat to him. But don’t get your hopes up, when the game is a little closer as in he isn’t playing the O’s(A.K.A. dOOrmat), the result will prob be different, heck, 9 out of 10 times this game would have been different. But you know what, I can’t really bash him, he is on a tear, 3 HR’s in 5 AB’s…..but I just want you all to remember, 6 GAMES IN……give him a few weeks, he will start breaking hearts again….

  11. SLOAN, it is time to accept A-ROD aka “THE TRUTH.” You are already looking into the future with your “few weeks, he’ll be breaking hearts again.” I am pissed off because I passed up tickets to that game. If you are true fan, then you wouldn’t be so negative. Let me ask you something Sloan, Nobody bats 1,000 in the clutch. Big Papi is clutch, but even he doesn’t come through all the time for Boston. Just take it for what is worth. Without him on Saturday, yanks would be 1-4. Just A-Rod be.


  13. Again….6 games in, I’ll let him be, but I’m telling ya, your gonna be disappointed….Trust me, I am as true a fan as anyone could possibly be, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TRUE A FAN I AM. I told you I tipped my hat to Arod the other night, but you know what….it’s only happened once, out of how many times?? Well for this season he is 1 for 2, but over his career with the Yankees? I can only think of three times he came up huge, the other night, 2 years ago when Schilling was closing at Fenway, and one other time, there might be more, but I really don’t care so don’t correct me. As for Papi, don’t get me started with him. It’s one thing to come up huge once a year, it’s another thing to come up huge once a week (like Ortiz does).

  14. Sloan the purpose of this site is NOT to be ANTI-Arod. So please take that crap elsewhere. Go talk to the Boston fans or sumthin cuz we are for ARod all year no matter what. Take a hike.

  15. Ahh but the beauty of this great country and blogs in general are to state ones opinion, and to have the right to state it. And where ever you have blogs, there will always be that one person/party that challenges all on what they believe in, there is always that one pest, and I am that pest….

  16. such negativity, ARod is so freaking awesome right now, 6 homers in 7 games, i mean, how unbelievable is that. the only problem wth that is that they’re gonna start pitching around him.

    AROD World Series MVP!

  17. can you believe I had tickets to this game, but my roommate backed out last minute and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. so pissed I missed it!!

    plus I’ll do you guys one better 😉 As soon as Cano got on with 2 outs I said watch… bases loaded for Arod. My other buddy was at the game, I text him with it… wouldn’t you know it…

  18. SLOAN: We all know the issue with the yankees are their pitching. A-rod has been doing his share. Although it is early, he is playing much better than all of us are expecting. Last year, the pressure was on him because Sheffield and Matsui went on the DL for an extended period of time. We saw A-rod couldn’t carry the team the way he is doing now. It is funny because this year, there is no Sheff and Matsui is on the DL (thankfully a shorter stint on the DL), yet A-rod is hitting, yet Giambi isn’t. So to all the anti-a-rod fans out there, focus your negative attention to Giambi. The guy is batting less than .200 if I am correct and he can’t even slap the ball to the other side of the field.

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