Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 11, 2007

For the Record

“There’s no fence he can’t reach.”

– Joe Torre, on A-Rod’s historic start

Six home runs in seven games, and as we’ve all heard in the press over the past few days, no Yankee slugger has ever gotten off to a hotter start.  Not Ruth, not Gehrig, not DiMaggio, not Mantle.  Yes it’s April, and yes it’s a long season, but c’mon – you’ve got to be impressed with this burst out of the gate, no matter what your personal stance is on Alex Rodriguez.

If you’ve been watching, the balls are leaving the park to left, center, and right as if it doesn’t make a difference.  “Effortless” is the most commonly used adjective from teammates, coaches and writers alike.  This is what he is capable of when his mind is in the right place.  This is the player with the power to carry a team on his back.

More importantly, however, is that Alex appears to be having fun now – baseball should be fun, don’t you think?  Check out Jon Krawczynski’s article in today’s Daily News for insight into the Yankees clubhouse, and let’s each continue doing our part as fans to keep the good times rollin’…



  1. Great work but we must keep the movement strong!!! For when alex slumps a bit the movement must be stronger than ever


    More of A-Rod having fun!

  3. so, what is the deal with the possibility of ProjectA13 merchandise?

  4. i watched that on letterman last nite because my mom told me about it…that was hillarious!!!

  5. Keep it going!

  6. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. A-Rod is a man– although slapping at Arroyo’s glove which is illegal instead of barreling into him which is not makes me wonder–is master of his own fate.

    He is a greedy, selfish player who has constantly horded owner’s pennies leaving too little in the piggy bank to build a decent team with.

    His spew about how it’s going to be up to Yankee fans to decide if he stays or goes is a publicity plow, a way of absolving himself from a decision that would cement his reputation as a money chaser.

    He is no shepherd. But you are all most certainly sheep.

  7. Kerry you’re a clown. Are you jealous of Arod? I say yes. There is nothing wrong with trying to get people who boo a player on your team to stop. This guy is great and gets treated like a devil worshipping minorleaguer. So Kerry do me a favor and take your lame a** back to the mets or redsox or whatever second rate team you root for website. RISE!!!

  8. -kerry

    Would you like a tissue?


  9. Great site something is in the air and Alex is really rising up and putting a mussle on his critics. Gotta have faith, the tide seems to be turning. Great work

  10. yankee legacy + Arod’s talent/ project A13 =

    mvp season?
    batting title?
    world championship?

    tis a feast.

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