Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 13, 2007

Change in the Wind

Off days are good for two things: rest, and then of course, reflection.

Could A-Rod have gotten off to a better start this season?  Probably not.  Could the current wave of positive media signal a shift in opinion taking place?  Only time will tell.  How awesome is it that his monster production and The Movement have begun side by side this season?  If you give, you shall receive.

Keep up the great work everyone!  For those of you wondering about the ability to purchase t-shirts, hats, wristbands, etc. (proceeds to charity), I am in negotiations with a provider as we speak.  They will set me up with an e-commerce store, process/ship the orders,  produce the products – everything – so we are getting close.  To show your support in the meantime, remember to WEAR GREEN when going to the Stadium, and PRINT THE LOGO to hand out, post, or incoporate into a sign.  I am still waiting to see a big “RISE” sign make it onto TV – who out there is going to be the first?!

Can you imagine 50,000 fans wearing green, standing, clapping, and chanting “A-one-three! A-one-three!”  It would shake the Stadium, as would the A-Bombs crushed as a direct result.  Let’s make it happen, New York – anything is possible.



  1. lets do it man, I heard you talked with the ultimate road trip and you agreed to make them shirts. I was the one who told the road trippers about ProjectA13, I have season tickets and i sit a row in front of the road trip

  2. Congrats on your success! RISE!!!

  3. why green? is it because when he eats the green ones, he takes the ball downtown?


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