Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 16, 2007

Turning Tables

OK, so A-Rod isn’t the only one who can hit improable walk-off home runs when the opposing closer gets two quick outs to start the ningth inning… but Marco Scutaro?… off Mariano Rivera?  Crazy.

Over the past few seasons, Mo has routinely started the season with a couple of blown saves here and there, only to return to near perfection for the remainder of the year.  It’s as if he wants to remember what it feels like for a minute – to fail – so that he can use those feelings to fuel his utter dominance for the next six months.  While yesterday’s game makes you want to scratch your head (among other more volatile things!), it also reminds us that “the greatest reliever EVER” is also a human being… much in the same way we need to remember that so is Alex Rodriguez.  As such, both deserve our loyalty without question – even after moments like yesterday – because we are Yankee fans first and foremost, and because we know what these two guys are capable of with our support.

As for A-Rod, he sure isn’t playing like a human being lately, is he?  Another home run on Saturday, a rally-starting double on Sunday, and he just missed a game-icing three-run homer again yesterday, in the late innings.  The RBI’s keep piling up, the batting average remains in the upper .300’s, and all of a sudden you’ve got writers and fans dreaming of a Triple Crown.  However, what I am impressed with the most is the amount of hits coming with two strikes, even in big spots.  He has a presense now at the plate – a growing confidence that cannot be denied – and you can see pitchers starting to work around him… to pitch him carefully.  The Movement has most definitely begun.

As fans this week, let’s make Yankee Stadium more uncomfortable than ever for the Cleveland Indians’ pitchers.   When A-Rod steps to the plate, rise and be heard.  Remember to WEAR GREEN and BRING SIGNS to the game.  The day I posted three of the logos to the facing of the upper deck is the day A-Rod hit his walk-off grand slam… take an active role in Project A13.



  1. I hate to be negative but someone should design a site for our hurting pitching staff.

  2. I love what you are doing. I’ve been a loyal A-Rod fan since his Yankee beginning. I’ve been cheering for him through the boos. I most definitely support your cause… without question. But I can’t wear green to the game. I HAVE to wear my Yankee gear. I just can’t get my mind to put on a green shirt during my game prep. I will RISE, you can be sure. But I’ll be the one in the Rodriguez jersey.

  3. Something real is going on, this is the version of Arod we’ve all been waiting for no doubt. Great site. Alex looks locked in for sure. Keep the movement,and get one going for DJ’s glove.

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