Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 18, 2007

And Another One…

“And A-Rod, well… he’s just off the charts”

– John Sterling, last night’s broadcast

Home run number 8 left the building last night, and RBIs 19-21 crossed the plate.  A-Rod has hit safely in all 12 games so far, and has an extra-base hit in just about all 12 as well.  But the best part is this: his performance is contagious, and the Yankees are starting to pick each other up.  Last  weekend in Oakland, when Alex struck out in extra innings, Giambi followed-up with a home run.  Last night at the Stadium, when Abreu struck out with first and third and no outs, number 13 stepped up and ripped an RBI single.  This is the trademark of a true “team”, and was the hallmark of the ’96-’01 Dynasty.  Teammates who believe in one another, and raise their game when another’s falls.

Is anyone else starting to get excited about this 2007 season???  Forget about our starting rotation/DL issues.  It’s situations like these that allow the Yankees to find the next great pitcher out of all the young talent Cashman has amassed in the farm system.  Just like Chase Wright last night, Andy Pettite was once a 24-year-old lefty from Texas, called-up suddenly to make his Major League debut… that worked out pretty well for the Yankees!

Oh, and let me know how your first assignment – “Spread the Word” – has been going.  What do your friends and family say when you explain the project?  Have you been to the Stadium recently and have you stood up for A-Rod’s at-bats?  Have you made any t-shirts, signs or flyers to educate others.  This blog is not just a place for me to post, but a forum for each of you to discuss The Movement as well.  So let me hear you, New York.

KEEP CHECKING BACK TODAY for a link to the T-SHIRTS I’ve promised (I have set-up an interim solution to get the ball rolling).



  1. I haven’t been to the stadium yet but I have spread the word big time. Even out at local pubs watching the games I clap it up for A-rod every time he comes to bat. Keep the movement going. He’s doing good now so people may not think it’s needed but if and when he slumps he’ll need it more than ever.

  2. Keep the movement rolling, this start is truly special, and great to see. Alex is a2time MVP and the youngest ever to hit 450hrs, so its not all that suprising, but there is a diffrent look in his eyes, incredible.

  3. A-Rod is doing great.

  4. Paul O’Neill said it last night. When he steps to the plate, he KNOWS he is going to do something good. It’s not even a question anymore. His confidence has skyrocketed. And don’t underestimate the effect you’ve had on that spectacular turnaround!

  5. I will be on the RISE at Fenway on Saturday. Go Yankees!

  6. I’m just pleased as punch. We’ve stuck by Alex from the moment he put on pinstripes and it’s WONDERFUL to see him blasting his nay-sayers with that big bat. I’m so proud of him and so happy to see him getting treated the way he should. Thanks for starting RISE. You gave believers an outlet and I’m sure Alex appreciates it!

  7. Thanks for starting the Movement. This is awesome! I lived thru being a Yankee fan in Boston. Would deffinately love to be there this weekend, but got transferred to Omaha, NE. Plan on being on the RISE when the Bombers come to Kansas City in July.

  8. he is no longer A-ROD. He should be considered THE TRUTH. “PANDAMONIUM HERE AT THE STADIUM. IS THERE ANYONE HOTTER THAN ALEX RODRIGUEZ?” What scares me is if he didn’t come through would the people at the stadium have been booing? You know what, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Let A-rod be. This guy should he stay in NY can be the the TRUE HOME RUN KING should he stay healthy and can have his number retired at Monument Park.

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