Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 18, 2007

GEAR UP: The Official T-Shirt (First Generation)

NOW AVAILABLE!!!  This was the only “green” that CafePress offers, but I think it matches the color most of you were requesting.  Be seen, be loud, and be heard – at the Stadium, or wherever you go.  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for The Movement.

The Official T-Shirt (Front)The Official T-Shirt (Back)

Price: It would cost me $14.99 to buy from CafePress, so that is the price I’m offering to each of you.  Zero mark-up until our project gains some steam, then I will readjust so that we can generate some charitable profits.

Spread the word, and get this t-shirt to the Stadium – RISE.


  1. I am in. Never can have too many T’s.

  2. Thats pretty bright.

  3. I’ll definitely try to get one. I haven’t been to a home game yet😦 But I really hope people wear them.

  4. The brighter the better.:)

  5. Great shirt! Bought one already! Wish I had it for today’s game though😦

  6. Orderd mine today too! Thanks for the email!

  7. Nice touch to add his number on the back! Got mine ordered too.

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