Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 19, 2007

WALK THIS WAY!!! A-Rod Hits Second Walk-Off HR

For once, I am absolutely speechless.  Down by four, bottom of the ninth, two quick outs… then the Yankees begin a rally that eventually leads to A-Rod, and BOOM!  Game over.

We are witnessing greatness, New York.  Just comment – my words will not do justice to what happened today.



  1. Baseball the way it oughta be … FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Unbelieveable!!!!!!!! for all the suffering he went thru last yr this couldnt be happening to a more deserving player right now…this is shaping up to be one of the most memorable summers since 98. What a wonderful thing for MLB to have this storyline continue (AROD redeeming himself in the Bronx on pace for an MVP type year and single season HR record)to overshadow that juice monster Barry Bonds’ and his chase for the all time HR record. Bud Selig should be praying for AROD’s tear to continue. GO YANKEES!

  3. greatest player of our generation, maybe of all time. cashman needs to do WHATEVER it takes to keep him in new york for the rest of his career. he’s been a true yankee as far as i’m concerned, and i think he’s definitely earned his pinstripes.

  4. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I was home for this one and I’m so proud of him. He crushed it, and even better, he did it in the “clutch” AGAIN! The man is amazing!!! What a way to shut mouths!

  5. It just so happens that I took my break right as the bottom of the 9th started,lucky for me there is a TV in the cafe. I was one of millions to witness greatness, well me and the random gentleman i didnt know yet started to highfive as soon as the ball left the bat. Arod is the man! This was truely a team win though.

  6. What is ESPN and the like going to talk about now? I am guessing the “let’s see if he does this in October” talk begins. But we as fans need to stand by him as you know it will start! A-Rod is incredible and a true Yankee in every sense of the word.

  7. Speechless. RISE!!!

  8. Holy Cow. This man is on fire!!!!

  9. WOWWWWW! I love this man! Ordering my pretty Green Tee tonight!!!! LETS GO YANKEES! Check out my blog for my co-bloggers long account of todays game! He has some great commentaries from the game today!!

  10. Please click on my name and read my blog entry about today’s game

  11. the man is amazing!! im so happy he’s off to a great start and i hope a-rod never hears a boo again! i can’t believe we are only 14 games into the season and he already has 10 hrs two of which are walk-offs, amazing!

  12. anyone got a link to the call on YES? I had it on 880 am. Gave me fracking goosebumps.


  13. Was Home today watching the game When the 9th started I said to my wife i have this feeling Alex is going to win this one for us. She looked at the online lineup said ther going to have to get alot more hits to do that. Then bottem of the 9th KABOOM Game over A-rod wins it. Funny thing is you have to know the Media and the fns that just LOVE to hate him wher just wating fro the chance to crow about his bad day. i was SO HAPPY he left them holding the bag on that LOL


  14. vrakatar it gave me goosebumps too!!
    I was at working and listening to the game on my walkman. I was writting when he hit that and i swear i couldnt feel my hands anymore, lol.
    What an awsome game and the best comeback ever!!
    Go Arod and Yankees…27 in 07!!!

  15. just amazing

  16. Yankees fans lets take this moment and savor it. We are going to miss him when hes gone.

  17. People call A-Rod a choker….well if he’s what a choker is then I’ll take him,(The Cards need offense REALY BADLY!! Can’t the yankees give us just ONE (preferably A-Rod) of their bats till PuJo gets his stroke back? I know wishful thinking.)Anyway, congrats to A-Rod and the Yanks.

  18. I just changed my user ID on all my web access sites to “ClutchRod13” hahaha

  19. i was at that game and there were no words for that moment. For about a .10 of second the whole stadium (those who decided to stay anyway) was quiet as the ball was in the air and then the stadium errupted… i was hugged by about 6 people i didn’t know. It just shows the utter greatness of Mr. Rodriguez. REAL FANS DON’T BOO!

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