Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 23, 2007

Deep Breaths…

Breathe, New York.  This weekend at Fenway was the Red Sox at their best, and the Yankees at their worst, and we were still in every game to the final pitch.  Basically, Boston can’t get any better as a team, and the Bombers have no where to go but up.  They threw their three guns at us – Schilling, Beckett, and Matsuzaka – and we tagged them each for 5+ runs (even without Matsui, Posada, and Damon on occaision).  An overworked bullpen due to an inexperienced rotation (due to injuries, as always) is the main concern at the moment – not the Red Sox.  We will get better as we get more healthy.

And as for A-Rod this weekend, even though Okajima and Papelbon won their ninth inning battles against him on Friday night and Sunday night, respectively, every Yankee fan in the world wanted him at the plate in those two spots.  Even on Saturday, it was awesome to hear John Sterling trying to game out what it would take to get A-Rod to the plate one last time, to give the Yankees a chance.  This is a huge amount of progress in terms of support for Alex, from both the media and us, the fans.  Let’s continue to stay positive – even after a weekend as dissapointing as this one – and the rewards will follow.

We all know Alex is capable.



  1. I’m with you 100%. With a starting rotation missing its big guns and Boston in top form, the bats came through and every game was tight. I’m disappointed, no question, but Friday’s game was the one that upset me. But no matter, the Yanks will be in it. And hopefully, win it.

    Alex is hitting the ball hard and the streak continues. And everyone is looking forward to him coming to the plate in the big moments. Good news in my book.

  2. i liked seeing matsuzaka, it shows that hes not lights out against teams like us. once the league knows him well and were in the pennant race in august and september, thats when hell start getting nervous.

  3. 21 runs to 17, I’ll take it considering we are not 100%. RISE!!!

  4. Delusional pro-AFraud comments. Are you guys also big “War on Terror” Bush supporters? Arod has posted some huge stats (as always), and he’s even won a few meaningless April games, but as soon as the pressure was on against Boston, he choked and did nothing that helped the Yankees win. NY will never win another ring with him in there. He’s not a real Yankee. Never was, never will be.

  5. Someone needs a hug!

  6. A-Rod did nothing to help them win? Is this guy serious? He obviously was not watching on friday night cuz Alex blasted 2 hr against Schilling and if we coulda had any pitching that night he would have won the game with just 2 swings. 2-4 on saturday with an rbi. Im pretty sure thats production and help. Its one thing to not like Alex, but dont lie to yourself there buddy.

  7. Not arguing his baseball talent. So, he hit 2 homers against Schilling. They didn’t come at a crucial clutch moment. Tonight against the D-Rays, he puts up some more big numbers. So what? What did he do when he actually had a chance to win 2 games against the Sox? Nothing. If you want to see a clutch hitter, watch David Ortiz. The object of the game is to win, not “production and help.”

  8. So, you blame Alex for the yanks lousy pitching of late? Gee, maybe he should pitch.

    And while politics has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this disscusion, I for one am 100% anti-war, anti-bush liberal New Yorker.


  9. magoots has no manhood

  10. Yes, the object of the game is to win. How? With what you derisively quoted as “production and help”. Let Ortiz field a position and then come back to me with this nonsense.

    “NY will never win another ring with [A-Rod] in there. He’s not a real Yankee. Never was, never will be.”

    Unlike teams that win once or twice every century I like the Yankees chances with a solid pitching staff and A-Rod and Giambi leading the offense. Oh, and Donnie Baseball never won a ring. Is he not a true Yankee either? Jeez.

  11. some of the anti- A-Rod posters on here are SERIOUSLY delusional. I can’t believe what I just read.

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