Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 24, 2007

Torrid April Continues

Despite the Yankees lackluster pitching of late, the high-powered Yankee offense continues to churn out runs, and no one at the level of Alex Rodriguez.  With his two home runs last night in Tampa Bay, A-Rod has now tied the record set by Albert Pujols last year for the most number of home runs hit in the month of April – 14 – and there are still 7 more days to go before the calendar turns to May.

In short, this man is having the best month of April in the history of Major League Baseball.  The best month of April EVER, and we are all witness.

While this may be bittersweet at the present time due to the Yankees overall record, there is no denying that A-Rod is locked, loaded, and able to carry his team until a healthy, effective pitching staff returns.  Listening to Joe Girardi’s commentary last night, he has noticed a growing confidence within Alex when the third baseman steps to the plate, and this confidence is carrying over to all other areas of his game – namely, fielding and baserunning.   Twice yesterday, A-Rod went for – and reached – an extra base that put the Yankees in a better position to score.  The offensive onslaught is now helping him with the details of baseball, and what a complete player the Yankees have at third.

The pitching will return, I promise.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy watching history unfold in Pinstripes over the next 7 days.



  1. Couldn’t be prouder, happier for A-Rod.

    I am really worried about this pitching situation. If it continues like this–and it’s not just the injuries: the majority of these guys were impressing NO ONE when they were healthy–it’s going to be a long, painful season.

  2. ARod’s torrid April IS special, but it will make his inevitable September (and October if there is one for NYY) all the more glaringly obvious that he’s a choker. Would you rather have some big numbers now or some contribution to actually winning some playoff games?

    He pales in comparison to David Ortiz in career postseason stats:
    AROD: 132 37 9 0 6 16 15 .280 .362 .485
    PAPI: 143 43 10 1 8 32 18 .301 .383 .552

    ARod’s numbers aren’t terrible (except for 2006)until you look at the RBI’s. Ortiz has TWICE as many RBI’s, and leads in EVERY category, including TRIPLES. And let’s not even talk about game winning or go-ahead RBI’s.

    Face it, ARod is a purple-lipped fraud. We can only hope and pray that he will opt out of his contract and that Cashman can find someone willing to take him off our hands.

  3. -Maggots

    There’s no crying in baseball!

  4. The pitching is definitely scaring me. Although I am quite optimistic to hear about Hughes playing on Thursday!
    I just hope we do better playing Boston this weekend! Living in Boston, it literally hurt my heart to see them be swept like that!

  5. once again, magoots has no manhood

  6. Now now ori, let’s not encourage the magot. Wang pitched a nice game tonight, Andy has shown good form, and while bummed i for one expect the yanks to go on a tear starting tomorrow. And you all heard it here first: Ohlendorf.

  7. That’s it, attack the messenger because you have no response to the message. If the brilliant back office hadn’t squandered so many millions on ARod, the Yankees might have some pitchers who can get someone out. Five game losing streak, sweep, sweep, right into last place.

  8. magoots = Boston fan

  9. Ohlendorf is my hero! I’ve been waiting to see him come to the big leauges. I want his jersey. And magoots we get it you dont like A-Rod. Thats great good for you but, We do so nobody really cares what stats you put up there about Ortiz. Go back to Boston with that BS.

  10. Good to see everybody fired up, but with all due respect, let’s try to keep it civil. I’m not talking about burying our collective heads in the sand, just to keep our eyes on the prize and continue sending A-Rod and the guys some good vibes. Cheers to you all and let’s hopefully enjoy Boston getting whacked in the Bronx this weekend!

  11. A-Rod’s Hot Start

    by Jay Jaffe

    Welcome to the Internet, your 24-hour, all-Alex Rodriguez news source. With A-Rod off to an incredibly hot start — 14 homers in his first 18 games — articles about the Yankee third baseman are everywhere these days. Beyond the perfunctory “I’m staying a Yankee” puff, some of it’s actually worthwhile. Earlier this week, The New York Times‘ Tyler Kepner had an excellent piece discussing how Rodriguez has changed his approach at the plate with the encouragement of new Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long. He’s swinging at the first pitch more often, concentrating on the opposite field, focusing on keeping his head stationary, and thus more able to lay off the high cheese in favor of pitches further down in the strike zone.’s John Donovan compared Rodriguez’s April to some other legendary one-month tears (but where’s Pedro Guerrero June 1985?). Yesterday at BP, Joe Sheehan took a look at Rodriguez’s shot at racking up 200 RBI yesterday.

    Today my own piece about A-Rod’s blistering home-run pace is in The New York Sun. Given that the date of Opening Day has crept from mid-April back to early April over the past half century, I decided to base my frame of reference not on the hottest Aprils per se, but on the number of games Rodriguez’s Yankees will play by the end of this month, 24. Beyond examining the company A-Rod’s keeping these days, what I found was that a hot start isn’t a necessary precondition for a high home run total. Of the 52 hitters who managed at least 10 home runs in their team’s first 24 games, only six went on to top 50 homers for the year: Barry Bonds (2001), Mark McGwire (1998), Luis Gonzalez (2001), Ken Griffey, Jr. (1997), Brady Anderson (1996) and Willie Mays (1965). Looking at it another way, only six of the 26 seasons since 1957 in which a player hit 50 or more homers began with such a binge (Roger Maris managed only three in 1961). Meanwhile, eight of the top 12 all-time home run leaders are represented here at least once, suggesting that for the great ones, such a flurry is a rite of passage. Without further ado except to note that the top seven players here are in the graphic that was omitted online:

  12. A13 is really helping his team!!

    Team W L PCT GB
    Boston 14 7 .667 –
    Toronto 11 10 .524 3.0
    Baltimore 11 11 .500 3.5
    Tampa Bay 9 13 .409 5.5
    NY Yankees 8 12 .400 5.5

    A lot of talk on this site about my manhood. Not surprised that ARod fans would focus on that since his manhood is so much in question. I’m not talking about the purple lipstick either, but rather the fact that Dice-K so obviously intentionally plunked him in Fenway, then for good measure he let Jeter have one in the back. Yankee reaction? None, nada, except to back off the plate and lose 6 games in a row. Hilarious!

  13. Ori: LMAO

  14. Ignore him. It’s not about the Red Sox and Yankees. It’s about supporting AROD and keeping him in NY.

  15. Does anyone really give a crap about Boston? It’s not the Red Sox that we have to concentrate on. It’s the Yankees. And we only have to worry about winning more games than everyone else in our division. So who cares about Ortiz? We are here to support A-Rod and his teammates. Theoretically we could win a World Series without ever beating Boston. So who cares about them? Right? We need to send the positive energy to OUR guys. The only goal is to score more runs than the team we are playing on any given day. That’s it. Keep it simple!

  16. magoots,can david ortiz play defense? no. can he steal bases? no. can he run the bases at all? no. can he throw a baseball? no. with some luck he might be able to catch a baseball if it is hit or thrown right to him. please educate yourself on the game of baseball,you can never compare david ortiz the hitter to alex rodriguez the baseball player!! THANKS FOR PLAYIN


    I hope ARod DOES stay in NY. That pretty much guarantees that his cancerous failure will continue to contaminate the team. Haven’t we seen this before? ARod put up huge numbers in Texas and they couldn’t wait to ship his ass out of town. I wonder why? He poisons a team, just like Nomar, or Billy Wagner, or Gary Sheffield, to name a few. What did ARod do tonight, by the way, in the 11-4 smackdown from the Sox? Nothing. 0-3.

  18. sheffield? he really poisned the 97 marlins didnt he. Again please gain just a little knowledge about baseball.How many world series did Ted Williams win?was he a poison? LEARN THE GAME!!!

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