Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 29, 2007

Order Restored

Well, so the spark wasn’t an A-bomb and the gem wasn’t thrown by Kaarstens – poor kid – but I was close.  A much-needed gem was pitched by Kei Igawa today, and A-Rod picked up his struggling closer with a bare-handed play on a slow roller in the ninth.  This was a team win across the board, and a state of normalcy returned to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.  We need the ability to win 3-1 games going forward, and today was a textbook example.

In truth though, when Kaarstens went down on the first pitch of the game, the groans ran rampant through the stands.  However, when Mr. K got Big Papi to hit into a HUGE double-play, and eventually escaped the first inning without giving up a run, you could sense a turning point happening for the pitcher – and quite possibly for the Yankees.  I think Jason Giambi said it the best after the game:

“I was hoping, when he came in, this could be a big turning point for him and us.  I hope it’s that time. We’ll look back 60 games down the road or whatever and say, ‘Wow, that was the time that really turned it around for us.'”

Here’s to winning baseball for the next 60 games, so we can all look back and realize Jason was right! 

And as for Project A13, I heard no boos at the Stadium this afternoon, even though A-Rod has cooled off a bit, and even though the Yankees and their fans have been frustrated of late.  It was heartening, to say the least, as was the amount of people rising to their feet for each of his at-bats.  Progress on all fronts yesterday in the Bronx.

For all of you attending today’s rubber-match against the Sox, TRY TO GET A SIGN ON TV!!!



  1. Well…Arod was just being Arod today.
    Maybe he was concentrating a bit too much on April records. Double play he hit into proves once again…NO CLUTCH! I will say though, even being ever the Yankee hater, Arod had a remarkable April. It really is a shame for the continuous losing ways so far early in the season is overshadowing his great play. I cannot see ole Georgie boy putting up with too much more of their miserable pitching staff. Surprised he hasn’t moved on it yet. Torre will be gone soon, and/or he’ll try to buy some pitching at PitchersRus.

  2. This site is so amusing. The shear delusion that is represents: that ARod will ever be an important clutch hitter. What did he do against the Sox this weekend? Nada. No RBI’s. And I heard plenty of booing after he hit into that DP in the 8th. He is pathetic to watch.

    Meanwhile, Ortiz and Manny went yard and actually helped their team win — AGAIN.

  3. if it wasnt for the dh, ortiz would be arods butler.

  4. Some exclusive A-Rod news on my blog

  5. In response to Magoots:

    David Ortiz hit into two double plays on Saturday and two on Sunday. Give up the clutch crap with him.

    A-Rod had two hits on Sunday. You really are an idiot.

  6. magoots, you spend your time on a message board to be annoying – go get a job.

  7. News flash: DH is part of the game. Get over it. Giambi wouldn’t have a job if the position didn’t exist. I look forward to watching ARod make some critical errors this season.

  8. magoots – get off this board immediately!

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