Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 30, 2007

The Ultimate Off-Day

Everyone – during this week’s episode of YES Network’s “The Ulitmate Road Trip”, Brenda can be seen wearing the Project A13 t-shirt toward the end of the show!!!  This will hopefully be the first of much TV time for The Movement, so check out a replay of the show on YES this week.  Hey, at least something positive can be reported on today.

As for A-Rod and our Yankees, just keep the faith.  The whole purpose of our project is to continue offering our support no matter what, and at 9-14 as a team – and after a key double play ball in the 8th from Alex – today officially qualifies as “no matter what”.  Winning baseball will return soon to the Bronx, and A-Rod will continue to be productive.  Tomorrow is May 1st, and five months of baseball still remain – don’t forget how unbelievable the first three weeks of April were just because of the last 9 days.

Oh, and as for the Joe Torre “chatter” starting up again, give me a break.  He is not in the batter’s box or on the pitching mound, so I won’t even join that conversation.  He has my support NO MATTER WHAT!



  1. So, now the critical measure has slid all the way down to “ARod is Productive” ? Wow. That’s worth $25 million. I can’t wait to read about his “productive” outs.

  2. RISE!!!

  3. magoots – seriously, it’s time for you to shut up.

  4. magoots i thoght your argument was a-rod vs ortiz how did giambi get involved? whats the matter i had to educate you on the game and make you realize that ortiz is not a baseball player. glad to see your finally comin around.

  5. while it pains me to see our guys suffer, i know May will see a return to winning ways. And Maggots, isn’t there a Mehts fansite somewhere you could go post on?


  6. Hey I definately know what it’s like seeing your team lose and lose some more. Atleast your guys just won one. But I’m not going to lose faith. Heck, just last year we had 2 8-game losing streaks and still won the WS. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. The Yanks and Cards willgo back to their winning ways. RISE 🙂

  7. hey im wondering if you can give us a number of how many of these shirts have been sold… i havent seen any on tv and when i go to the stadium i dont see anyone in green other than the staff in their neon jackets… how many have been sold

  8. ARod bought one of the shirts. He gave it to Jeter for Valentines Day.

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