Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 2, 2007

The Oh-No Show Continues Tonight

Wow – have you ever seen more injuries to a team, especially a starting rotation, than what the Yankees have had to endure so far this season?  Last night was especially gut-wrenching since “The Next Roger Clemens” was on his way to a no-no – a truly dominating performance, I must say – before he pulled up lame on one follow-through.  One pitch (one curveball, to be exact) and seven innings of growing excitement and hope walked right off the field.

All I know is this: when the Yankees do win yet another Division crown in five months time, they will have truly overcome their share of obstacles.  Hey, maybe the rest that will now be given to young Phil Hughes’ arm will pay dividends for the Yankees towards the end of the season.  Instead of burning out too early, maybe our young gun will be peaking in September and October…

…I’m trying my hardest to find the positive, people.  The offense looked amazing once again last night (10 runs scored without a home run), so let’s hope it continues tonight in support of our age-old gun, Mr. Pettitte.  I’m predicting a .500 record by this Saturday, my next game in Box 638.



  1. Yes, keep the faith!


    I’m wearing the shirt tonight vs the M’s. I’ll be on the look out for others.

  3. friday night, Colter Bean just pooped all over the fifth inning. They ought bring up Ohlendorf to pitch from the pen.
    Alex is crushing the ball. Have a good weekend, everyone!


  4. Tonight, ARod drives in 3 runs and the Yankees lose 15-11. Meanwhile, Papi Ortiz drives on 1 — the game winner. So typical. ARod puts up those meaningless stats when there is nothing on the line. There’s a German hoop player in Dallas with the same malady: Chokitis. Oh, did I mention the Yankees gave up 15 runs?

  5. well, arod is doing great work in the field, and driving in runs. He’ll hit more home runs soon, i reckon, and tonight the blame sits clearly with Colter Bean. Maggots, are you a yankee fan? Do you delight in their losing, like a redsux fan, or do you just hate Arod? I for one bleed pinstripes, and after a game like tonight’s, while blue, i see a team that is coming alive all over the batting order and about to normalize its rotation. Oh wait- I see now! You want to boost Big Papi. I’ll settle that right now. Arod and Ortiz will put up similar numbers this season, only Ortiz will not steal bases. Ortiz lumbers, arod sprints.

  6. I don’t hate ARod or the Yankees. Just stating the obvious. Cashman and the Boss made a huge mistake when they signed him and we all know they SO WISH they had gone after Ortiz. It’s a known fact. The sooner they clean house and rebuild this team of underachievers the better.

  7. magoots, the yankees traded for a-rod and when ortiz was available he was unjuiced.

  8. RISE!!!

  9. George BUYS Clemens. Like I said on a previous post, It wouldn’t be long ’til he BUYS some pitching. Outbid the Red Sox by 10Million. He shouldn’t stop there, spanks need RELIEF pitching too, and an ace closer. They may be hitting ok, but offense only won’t take you evident in the 15-11 loss the other night. Clemens is only good for 5-6 innings..and that was against National League hitters.
    This latest move by George reeks of DESPERATION. So he’s gonna give this guy 4.5 Million a month!Only ones they should have to worry about are the Red Sox..And they will hit Clemons.
    Superman to the rescue?? I think not.
    Good Luck with THAT!

  10. Did someone just say Ortiz juiced? Is that what I just read? What an idiot! Have you seen the guy? Or do you just FLAT OUT not know what you are talking about? (from the looks of your posts I can already answer that.)

    And an ACE CLOSER??? The Yankees have the best in the game, probably the greatest of all time. Maybe right now he isn’t doing well, but the yankees aren’t doing to well right now too.

    Come on people, I come to this site for good baseball talk, but some people just don’t know what they are saying.

    And does anybody else feel disgusted that the Yankees are going back to there old ways of buying everything they can? I mean the Red Sox were pretty ridiculous with Matsuzaka, but I think Clemens just blew that one out of the water. Does anyone truely believe that Clemens, a 45 (well really 44) year old man will turn this team around? Because if you do, you’re in for a disappointment. NL Central, AL East, you do the math. Only three things will come of this: Clemens will help out the Yankees young guns, he will get credited (though not deserved) if the Yankees do in fact turn it around, and the third thing- A ridiculous contract…..

  11. ‘Nuff said.

  12. like every other team doesnt buy players, sloan – c’mon

  13. This pretty much sums up the whole Clemens fiasco.

    “It is sad, really. Even during their current seven-year championship drought, even while they were losing four straight to the Red Sox [team stats] in 2004 or flopping in the first round of the playoffs to the Tigers last year, the Yankees at least were interesting. They always were dangerous, always threatening to put it all together and return to the top of the baseball world.

    As they made one ridiculously expensive splash after another – signing Giambi, signing Pavano, signing Damon, trading for A-Rod or Abreu – you couldn’t help but wonder: Is this it? Is this the move that finally puts them over the top? They haven’t won anything since 2000, but the Yankees always succeeded in instilling a little fear and anxiety in the Red Sox and their fans.

    And now? Now the Yankees are just kind of pathetic. These days, their game plan seems to be simple. The Boss is old and getting older. They need to win and win now. Do something, anything, everything. They’ve already used five rookie starters, and that didn’t work. Now they’re turning their lonely eyes to a guy who was a rookie two years before Phil Hughes was born. How desperate are they? This is the baseball equivalent of purchasing a mail-order bride from Outer Mongolia.

    Consider the scene Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium: More than 52,000 fans stood and cheered as if their team had just won the World Series, or at least gotten back to .500. In the broadcast booth, our friend Suzyn Waldman had what has been described as a Meg Ryan moment. It was a delirious celebration for all of Yankees Nation, the highlight of this star-crossed baseball season in New York. And what exactly did the mighty Bombers do to engender such joy and happiness?

    Well, they essentially bought the most expensive car on the lot, the most expensive house in the neighborhood, the most expensive athlete in team sports – and they paid above the listed price. Talk about brilliant front-office maneuvering: The Yankees signed Roger Clemens to a contract that would be worth $28 million for an entire season, or more than the entire Devil Rays payroll, and now they have to wait a month for him to take the mound. The Yanks will pay $4.5 million a month (plus 40 percent for the luxury tax) for a guy who:

    Turns 45 in August;

    Was 7-6 last year (and made $12 million);

    Averaged fewer than six innings per start last year – against National League lineups;

    Plans to be a part-time member of manager Joe Torre’s team, returning home to Houston (or to Augusta or Pebble Beach) between starts;

    Is coming back for the money, as always.

    The Red Sox did not come close to meeting Clemens’ price, and it’s worth noting they didn’t want Clemens to join their rotation right away. The Sox preferred to wait another month, probably because they know there is only so much gas left in Rocket’s tank. He is not only a six-inning pitcher these days, but a three-month pitcher. The Yankees cannot afford to wait: They want their mail-order bride, and they want her now.

    Everyone knows Clemens was a great pitcher, perhaps the greatest ever, and once upon a time, he was worth more than any player in the game. But we’ve got some disappointing news for our friends in New York: That time has passed. He’s older than aged left-handers Jamie Moyer (Phillies) and David Wells (Padres), older than Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magadan.

    Every pitcher grows old and breaks down some day, and that day is fast approaching for Clemens. You know how some athletes don’t want to leave the game if they have one more great performance in them? Roger doesn’t want to leave while he has one more big payday in him. He wants to grow old on somebody’s dime, and right now, that somebody is wearing a white turtleneck and conversing with the coat rack in his New York apartment.

    Curt Schilling [stats] is absolutely right when he says the Red Sox don’t need Clemens. Did the Sox want Clemens? Sure they did, but they didn’t need him. Not like the Yankees, who ranked 26th in the majors in ERA entering last night. New York GM Brian Cashman was forced to grovel at the feet of Clemens because he spent $100 million on his starting rotation and ended up with a more dysfunctional cast than “Diff’rent Strokes.” You want to know why the Yankees had to get Clemens? Because they didn’t get Schilling, Beckett or Matsuzaka.

    Now they hand a blank check to Roger and tell him they’ll take anything he can give them. Five or six innings, three or four months. Anything to stop the bleeding. Clemens says he’s going to New York for the ring, which is like going to Ireland for the food. He says he wants to win for the “three or four guys down here that still don’t have a championship ring.” Oh, sure. He’s doing it for Mike Mussina and Alex Rodriguez. And Colter Bean, too.

    Actually, Clemens is doing it for the same reason he’s done just about everything else for the past 23 years: lots and lots of money. Nothing wrong with that. Every player has his priorities. This will put Roger over the $150 million career mark, which means he’s not lying when he says he just wants to win. He’s almost 45, and now he’s the highest-paid player ever.

    He won’t save the Yankees, but you’ve got to hand it to Roger: He wins again.”


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