Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 7, 2007

The Remix

Wow – what a weekend for Yankee news.  I was at the Stadium on Saturday for Wang’s almost-perfect game, and then I was listening to the post-game on 880 yesterday when I heard about The Rocket’s dramatic landing in the Bronx.  And all the while, the Yankees have been quietly winning their way back to .500.  May is going to be a good month if this first week is any indication.

Well now, seeing how Pavano may need surgery again (are you KIDDING me???) and Igawa likes to play Jekyll and Hyde with us on alternating weeks, the rotation in June should look like this:  WANG, PETTITE, MUSSINA, ROCKET, HUGHES (and keep in mind, Hughes is probably a number one or two pitcher when he’s on, and will most likely move up this list as the season progresses). 

I’ll take that rotation any day, even if the Yankees had to reach into their wallets for Mr. Rogers.  He’s a proven winner in the Bronx, a true warrior, and I believe he wouldn’t put himself back on the mound if he didn’t think he could perform at a high level.  Plus, what he brings to the clubhouse is immeasurable, and I like the idea of the “Real Rocket” grooming “The Next Rocket” over the course of this season.

One of the reasons we love being Yankee fans is because of days like Sunday.  And oh yeah, A-Rod continues to hit, and hit in the clutch, even if the balls aren’t leaving the park as often as the were in April.  So far this season, Alex is 8 for 12 with RISP and two outs, with 5 home runs and a boatload of RBI.  Keep up the great work everyone! 



  1. Happy May 7th.

    MARIA NO MORE coughs up another one.
    Put a fork in him, he’s done, and its been proven he is done. Confidence is shot. Red Sox also have had his number a while now. Which in the end, isn’t that all that matters these days??

    Gonna need more than that patch job/repair bill Clemens. Oh, appears the spanks left a few on base too.


  2. I love the smell of desperation in the morning. The Boss reminds me of some old lonely rich guy who’s increasingly repulsiveness causes him to spend more and more money to sleep with uglier, older, greedier women. Clemen’s is going to get his world rocked in the AL East and many other AL teams, including the Indians.

  3. You know what I love – haters who only come out of the woodwork when things aren’t going great for the Yankees (or A-Rod) and then disappear from sight when things turn around. Not very admirable behavior, is it, Mr. Good Luck With That and Mr. Magoots. Where were your colorful comments the first three weeks of the season, when Alex was hitting walk-offs weekly, and the Yankees were playing better baseball? Silent, that’s where you were.

    Each of you would be better served by using all that negative energy in support of your favorite team/players (which appears to be the Red Sox), because as always, the Red Sox are going to need all the support they can get in the latter months of the season. Remember your history. Besides the anomaly of the 2004 ALCS, the Boys from Beantown have a robust history of leading the Yankees in the Division race until August, and then fading away when it counts. I wouldn’t be so sure that Schilling and Beckett are going to be as sharp in August and September (remember last year?), and Dice-K is already getting knocking around by teams with lesser line-ups than the Yankees. Stop counting your beans so early – baseball is a long season for a reason.

    I do enjoy your comments though, however misguided, bitter, and immature. Boston fans are always good for some entertainment, in the “jealous little brother” kind of way.

  4. Gimme a break jmaguire..not much negative there, and not a lot of talkin’ smack… but glad it caught your eye. Perhaps finally a forum we can talk rivalry stuff.

    Where were we when A-rod was hitting walk-off homers early on you ask?

    Watching our first place team of course 😉

    Its all good jmaguire. I’ll be sure to chime in from time to time. I for one take it as well as give it, so no problems there. This blog actually seems not too bad so far. I checked it out cuz this “projecta13” I thought was kind of a farce at first..but definetely put up by a passionate “FAN”..which is cool in my book, regardless of the hat worn. A little talkin’ smack is good for the rivalry..but too much and it gets ridiculous.
    Now go read my post about the Clemens deal one thread down. It was a copy and paste job from a local article here in Boston because I couldn’t have said it better. You gotta agree with at least some of that…I’ll be watching for your comments.

    game on.


  5. i think it’s funny to accuse the haters of essentially using smal sample sizes to make unripe conclusions about the fortunes of a player or team at this juncture. Yet, you are penciling hughes as a 1 or 2 THIS season? Even ROY pitchers aren’t 1s or 2s immediately and hughes never had a single professional start over 89 pitches in his career. It’s funny to see you tell others they are in bad form for extrapolating results you dislike, wheres 1 excellent start out of two for a rookie who has lived on a permanent pitch count is enough to put him as an elite pitcher THIS year, not to mention that it’s a fait accomplit that he’ll be the heir to the rocket — but, then again since Clemens averaged less than 6 IP as start last year in the NL, Hughes should be able to be a nice 6 IP superstar as well. This entire blog was all about counting chickens early — a-Rod pronounced back on track and part of a mythical changing of the guard of stadium attitude back in April before Boston series — and yet, guess who just got booed after getting rung up tonight? The door swings both ways vis a vis making early pronouncements. If you can say dic-ek is a bust after a month it’s fair game to say hughes is completely inconsistent and injury prone, and that A-rod’s magical mystery tour is stalling out a 6th of the way up the mountain.

    Not a sox fan either, just a man always amused by the amazingly non-ironic trotting out of double standards.

  6. i love all these haters, they have cute names like devils advocate and good luck, as if theyre like mr. X from JFK. You guys are just jealous, you have envy. Why don’t you guys just pack up your comments and go post somewhere else. RISE

  7. Thats GoodLuckWithThat….Ori.

    Envy this buddy. 🙂

    Boston 21 10 .677
    NY Yankees 15 16 .484
    Baltimore 15 18 .455
    Tampa Bay 14 18 .438
    Toronto 13 19 .406

  8. Let’s clear a few things up…
    I am not a hater, no one called me one, but before you do, understand I am not. I am a baseball lover, and I have been talking about Arod since before, during, and I will be talking after, he is/was a Yankee. It wasn’t his fault he became a Yankee, or that the Rangers gave him that contract, but. From the events that took place after Arod signed that contract, he has gone down hill since. Not necissarily in his baseball ability, but more in the sence of joining that one team everyone hates, failing misserably FOR that team everyone hates, starting fights, being accused of a curse, so on so forth. None of it is his fault, yet we will always hate/blame him for it. You will have your supporters, you will have your haters, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that fact that one of the greatest players to ever play the game will never get that World Series Ring.

    As for all the comments about Sox fans, I must say that some of the most annoying fans I have ever met are in fact Yankees fans, coming up with excuses, always talking about their 26 rings and the past, and always walking around like they’re better than everyone. The trueth is, all fans are annoying, all fans root for their own teams, and most fans just don’t know what they are talking about. Everyone will have their opinions, and some will be more reasonable than others, but know this…whether you like the Sox, Yanks, or even the freaking Devil Rays(my father), it doesn’t matter unless you know and understand why you root for whoever, and why you root against whoever. And if you don’t know, and you ae just talking junk, you will end up being a joke.(kinda like that whole Clemens deal….I mean c’mon, no Yankee fans are a little annoyed with this???)

    That whole “why you root for whoever” thing usually means your reasons are some what reasonable and educational.

  9. The trueth is however…..The majority of the people here are fans of the AL East, and those are the fans that think/know they are the greatest. So maybe it’s not the team that makes the fans annoying, but more the envirorment.

  10. I’ll be at the game tonight wearing my Project A13 shirt!

  11. What is this site turning into? We have 3 people trying to be philosophers here. Arod is still the best player in the game, Sox will still finish 2nd or maybe 3rd like last year(with basically the same team as this year mind you) and the Yanks will hopefully make it out of the 1st round. Thats it and thats all. Why dont you 3 go write a book or something? There is still 131 games left to be played and the plain truth is that the Yanks have one of the best overall teams in the league. It’s not the starting pitching or defense or offense its the bullpen. Thats the only weakness. Even Matt Desalvo can go 7. Ill give you Igawa but every team has one up and down starter at least.(Tavarez in the sox case) Post the current standing all you want,I’ll post some for you in Sept/Oct! Rise Fools.

  12. See what I mean? Talking when they don’t know what they are talking about. First off, it IS in fact the Yankees starting pitching, right now it’s horrible, and it’s not going to get much better for a while, Mussina will be the ace, and Wang will do just alright, getting wins because of the offense(he’s not a dominate pitcher) but other than that the Yankees aren’t looking to good(please don’t get me started on Clemens). And yes, the bullpen is awful so you were right about that. As for Taveras…..his last three starts were against both Aces and former Cy-Young winners, in which not only did he hold his own, but he flat out out pitched Santana the other day. But again I’m not choosing sides, I’m just stating facts. You are correct, there are alot of games left, and the Yankees do have one of the best overall teams. But your predicaments on the out come of this season don’t look too good. And though Alex, he is one of the greatest to ever play the game….he is however not the best(I know that will upset alot of you, but c’mon, get the net). Right now his probably top three.

  13. Oh ya…..Do you understand how important the bullpen is?

  14. You know what? You guys are right. Yankee fans are the worst ever.

    Not like that nice, salt of the earth fella in Maine that asked my buddy to take off his Yankee jacket, while in line at a Banana Republic. Or the beer guy at Fenway that wouldn’t serve without proper ID, because everyone knows a valid NY driver’s license is not proper ID. What a lovely human being. And who could say a bad thing about those that the Berklee College of Music refers to when they send e-mails to their students asking them not to wear Yankee paraphernalia while in Boston, fearing for their security. That’s just the school being paranoid. I mean, whoever heard of intolerant Red Sox fans? Certainly not in Boston. Right, Roxbury? Sure, they root for the last team to have a black player, 12 years after the Majors were intergrated, but they are good people. Those other folks just didn’t belong then.

    And anyway, Yankee fans are pussies for not dishing out the above treatment to Red Sox fans here in NY, right?

  15. First, you have to be at least 25 years of age if you have an out of state drivers licence to be served alcohol, you could be 45 and if the ID is at all questionable no one will serve you. And yes Red Sox fans are a little, i dunno, dramatic, over the top maybe….but you are also right, that doesn’t make them the worst, maybe the best, or one of. The thing I love about Red Sox fans is they know. They know the game, they know the team, they know other teams. They are probably one of the most itelectual fans there are. I would have to say it’s Red Sox and Yankees fans that are in the same boat when it comes to that topic. Both of the fans are great, and that is also what makes the rivalry great. Now I’m not going to mention any stupid thing a Yankee fan has done, but I’ll tell you this, I’ve seen it all, I mean hell, I live in Connecticut.

    Oh and one more thing. This is what kills me….Boston, first team to start all 5 black players in the NBA, first team to have a black head coach in the NBA, first team to have a black player in the NHL….oh and here’s the big one, came second, to the Brooklyn Dodgers, in the bidding for Jackie Robinson. So until you know what you’re talking about, I suggest shutting your mouth.

    Sorry for that last comment, it really bother’s me when people call Boston racist only because Barry Bonds did, and because other people are ignorant.

  16. I know how important the bullpen is, im the one who brought it up! And if you are gonna say Tavarez is not that bad then how can you possibly say Wang is just ok because of the offense? Tavarez held his own???? Ok thats great – Wang took a perfect game into the 8th last time out! I do appreciate the fact that you accept valid points though. NOT like these other knuckle heads. Im in CT too must be sumthin in the water.

  17. First and foremost, let’s keep it civil, Sloan. Don’t ask me to shut up and I won’t respond with the infamous Cheney to Leahy retort, OK? Good.

    Now that we’ve hopefully gotten that out of the way…is it not true that Tom Yawkey was reluctant to hire black players? That he PASSED on signing Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson? That it wasn’t until 1959 that the Red Sox became the last Major League team to hire an black player, more than a decade after Robinson’s rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers (12 years, in fact) and almost three years after Robinson retired in 1956? Is that mistaken somehow?

    Those other examples you make are great but I’m pretty sure they came way down the road. And they still DON’T excuse the Red Sox’s policies of the time (’40s – ’50s).

    Furthermore, do you REALLY think that Boston’s reputation for racism is undeserved? Really? Trust me, the people that have complained and explained its insidious nature to me have all been white, native Bostonians who left because of the ignorance that breeds that kind of attitude.

    Cheers to all who love baseball, especially pinstripes in the Bronx!

  18. “That he PASSED on signing Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson?”

    Again, the Red Sox came second in the bidding for Jackie Robinson. Complain that they didn’t offer enough money, or that Jackie wanted to play in Brooklyn. Don’t complain that the Sox didn’t have a Black Athlete till whenever, because the Red Sox tried/fought to get the first Black Athlete in baseball history.

    But good point on Wille Mays, because Willie Mays’ Negro Team was an affiliate of the Red Sox, and a player the Sox could have used in the 50’s. Kudos to that.

    I just find it ridiculous that Boston has that reputation of racism. How everyone says it’s not the curse of the Bambino, but the curse of Tom Yawkey. It’s all absurd.

    At least now we know there is no curse….

  19. I appologize for the confusion, never did I intend to link Wang and Taveras together. Wang is flat out better. However I was talking about their abilities seperatly and where they perform. Wang is a good pitcher, if ground outs were a fantasy category he woudl be the top 5 pitchers in Fantasy Baseball. All I was saying is Wang is not a dominate, strike out pitcher, he can go deep into games, and keep his ERA low but he will not flat out ruin teams.

    As far as I am concered, Taveras is not a SP, and he isn’t all that great of a SP while he is in this rotation, however, he has held his own, and done a great job doing so. I cannot/will not complain what Taveras has done, he has done what has been asked of him, and that is giving his team a chance to win.

  20. This is getting to be a great site, however ridiculous the original notion of “Project A-13.”

    Let’s not forget the important thing here: ARod is so much fun to watch because he has undeniable raw talent and he always F**ks up when the chips are on the table. It’s tragic and funny, and that’s why we watch.

    As for Yankee fans, Sox fans, etc., keep going at each others’ throats. That’s funny too. Just remember, what goes well with 26 rings? A Choker!

  21. sloan is a girls name, mets suck, boston sucks, lets go yankees.

  22. what the clipper said.

  23. Guys, I’m sorry, I think I have been beat. “Ori” has managed to shut me down and defeat me….

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