Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 10, 2007

Back to the Basics

Well, the Yanks are back to .500, and so much for the high-powered AL East – .500 puts us in second place.  With that said however, the starting pitching has been dominant over the last week and a half, and this has translated into a 7-2 record over the last nine games.  So, for everyone out there who continues to think the Yankees are in trouble this season, look beyond the overall record.  Since Steinbrenner’s public statement after the 9-14 start, the Yankees have responded to win 7 of 9 (and this is without The Rocket or his heir apparent, Phil Hughes).  Patience is a virtue, so keep thinking positive – our boys will be where they need to be in due time.

And as for Mr. Rodriguez, not only was he named April’s Clutch Player of the Month , he seems to be in a great state of mind recently, even as he’s weathered what some may call a “mini-slump” (given his numbers in April, ANYTHING less is considered a slump!).  This is important, because baseball is all about peaks and valleys.  Not only is it productive for the fans to support their players during both the highs and the lows, it’s imperitive for Alex to keep the same, calm, positive approach whether he’s hitting a home run every 5.1 at-bats or not.  This shows balance, maturity, and confidence in his abilities.

With this frame of mind on full display, expect A-Rod to enter another peak-period very soon.



  1. That .500 record we’re so proud of didn’t last long did it? Nice work by the the “Ace” Wang Dang Noodle the pullpen today. 14 runs. But they only gave up 16 hits.

    I wonder if Clemens can pitch every three games and go 8 or 9 innings? That might work. I hear Nolan Ryan might want to pitch every other Tuesday and only wants $16 million (prorated of course).

    And how’s ol’ purple lips doing?
    In his last 11 games, 1 HR, 2 doubles, 5 totally meaningless RBI’s. And it’s not like he’s getting intentionally walked (3 walks). Pitchers adjusted to the holes in his swing, and now he looks like Pat Burrell up there. When the game is on the line, Yankee opponents want to see ARod at the plate, just like Boston wants to see Rivera on the mound.


    What looked like gold the other day, got nailed this afternoon. 7 runs 11 hits. that was a quick stop at .500.

    Like I’ve been saying, Yankees will need more than a repair bill like Clemens for that pitching staff to solidify.

    At least now the Red Sox aren’t the only team with an up and down Wang…er..I mean Japanese pitcher. Seriously though, Dice-K the better of the two at this point.



  4. 7 games back after tonight. You Yankees will be the ones with the foot in the mouth this year.
    Red Sox for real! Sully, weak sauce man. Let us know when you may have some intelligent baseball knowledge to share. Oh, did you ever walk into a bar in boston and yell out “Sully”, hahahhahaha! And jeezz..its only a game buddy..turn your cap lock off. 😉 you don’t have to yell.

    And here is something about fan loyalty that you never see in Fenway, and I doubt in Spankee Stadium either:

    RED SOX vs. Blue Jays 5-10-2007
    The machine continues to roll.

    7-0 top of the 3rd. Knocking Halliday all over the place.

    As soon as it gets to 7-0, the camera pans to two toronto “fans” in the seats..they are getting up, one grabs his jacket or sweatshirt or whatever, they turn to the people behind them, and ask, then hand them their full beers. THEY WERE LEAVING FOR SURE! The look of disgust was priceless! Get used to it rest of the league, this is a team to be reckoned with, like it or not.
    UPDATE> 8-0 now top of 4th. Catch y’all later.


  5. You would think that fans of the only team to blow a 14-game Division lead in the second half of the season would take a little caution with their bravado at this point in the season, hmmm? 🙂

    In all seriousness though, yes, the Red Sox are firing on all cylinders right now, but the length of the MLB season usually dictates that won’t be the case for all 162 games. The Yankees are 7-3 in their last 10 games – anyone would take that record – and are only losing ground in the Division because the Red Sox are playing even better. I’ll tip my cap to you today, but try to remember something: just like your team created separation by winning 5 of the first 6 games with the Yankees, the Bombers can close the widening gap just as quickly. We still have 13 games to play against one another, so try to save some of your energy spent gloating in April and May for the disappointment of August and September. Just a thought, Boston.

    And as for A-Rod, give me a break with your ‘meaningless stats’ comments (the stock dig of the Red Sox fan). The guy is first in almost every offensive category in the MLB, even during this supposed ‘cool-off’ period. I watch most of the Yankee games when I can, and there haven’t been too many clutch opportunities to come his way lately, or else I would’ve reported on them. Jeter, A-Rod and Posada are carrying the Yankees right now, while we wait for the bats of Damon, Abreu, Matsui and Cano to heat up.

    Again, 7-3 in the last 10. I’ll take that all season long, especially when its the Red Sox’ turn to struggle.

  6. oh you yankeehaters. Today, the bronx bombers lost a baseball game. Did they get shelled? yup. Is it anything to go crazy over? Nope.

    The pitching is coming together. Wang will be fine. Imagine for the rest of the season, one day a week the yankee bats go cold, and on the same day the pitching goes wonky. That’s all today was.

    Personally, i say shake it one time for melky, and bring ohlendorf up to pitch from the pen.


  7. It’s always funny coming to this blog and seeing more comments from sox fans than yankee fans. The inferiority complex you Bostonians have is sickening.

  8. Next these guys are gonna tell me that Beckett is gonna go 28 and 0 this year. Im glad all you Boston fans think its great the the Sox are streaking in …… MAY!!!!……Come on seriously. Im not sayin the Yanks are gonna win the division by 20 games but to stick any kind of fork in them at this point of the season would be nothing short of stupid. A-rod and Jeter are both in the top of the league with RISP and 2 out and anyone who thinks Wang is terrible clearly doesnt know the game. He is a ground ball machine and won 19 games last year. If you are gonna talk just make sure it makes sense please. That being said, Yanks need to get on the ball here with The Mets,Angels,and Bo-Sox all coming up.

  9. How many times have the Sox started off hot and then died down in June or so? The answer is almost every year.

    A word to the wise, Sox fans, watch what you’re saying, it might come back to haunt you. Yankee fans, I would also watch what your saying, it might come back to haunt you too.

    This year always has been looking great and still is looking great for the Sox, so it won’t surprize anyone if they make any kind of history. However, how many times do those Damn Yankees turn everything around and end up winning the AL East or the World Series? It’s May, it’s early, but it’s still fun. Just make sure your mouth doesn’t write any checks your butt can’t cash, because regardless of who says what, I’m gonna be keeping a close eye on how these comments progress over the season, so don’t let it come back to bite you in the ass.

    (Again, this comment was to both Sox and Yanks fans)

  10. Forget the Contract. Remember the Game – and the mounting pile of runners ARod has left on base in scoring position in close games. Wake up Yankee Fans. This is no way to build a championship team, and we all know it. ARod left two on last night in a close game, in which he went hitless.

  11. I’m no Boston fan, and who cares if Sox fans want to blog too. Isn’t this site supposed to be about AROD? So, looking at NY’s third baseman vs. Boston’s, if I was a GM in the real world with a real budget (doesn’t apply to Cash-Man), I would much rather have Mike Lowell right now than AROD – given the VAST salary difference.

    Rodríguez: 132 AB, 9 Doubles, 15 HR, 39 RBI, 28 K’s. .341 BA .418 OBP.
    Lowell: 125 AB 9 Doubles, 7 HR, 28 RBI, 9 K’s .304 BA .369 OBP.

    Read it and weep Yankee fans. That’s why Boston has money left over to have a real pitching staff rather than the sorry mess we have in NY.

  12. Listen to Giambi. Like I mentioned in earlier blogs on this site, he calls out a-rod last year and he doesn’t perform himself in the playoffs. This guy wants to blame MLB for steroids. This guy is reminding of Curt Schilling. He is not playing well, yet he finds a way to get in the papers with his stupid comment about steroids. My words to Giambi, shut up and start hitting. Oh wait, you are not playing tonight, Yanks are playing the Mets at Shea so because he can’t throw the ball to second, he’ll be on the bench

  13. ….where he belongs. Giambi is such a sorry sight. Pathetic individual. Another very bad contract for the brilliant NY front office.

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