Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 14, 2007

The Captain Agrees

“I think what you’ve got to try to do, when there’s a lot of things going on, is try to stay positive.  I think that’s the biggest thing.”

“I just try to stay positive, regardless of what happens. Even if we’re not playing well, you can still try to draw some positives from an individual day. That’s what I try to do. I’m still optimistic by nature.”

– The Captain, Derek Jeter

If anyone knows how to win and be successful in New York, it’s the shortstop being quoted above.  This whole Movement is about exactly what he is saying – building from the positive always, even when things aren’t going your way, and you will be rewarded.

Things aren’t going the Yankees’ way of late – obviously – but as hard as it seems now to keep your faith in individual players or the team, by doing so you show class as a fan.  It’s easy to put down people when they’re struggling, and to cheer for them when they’re doing well.  What is hard, and admirable, is staying positive when your team is eight games back in the Division, and half the offense seems to be mired in extended, individual slumps.  Listen to the Captain – it’s the only way out of this whole.

Am I worried? A little.

Am I confident the Yankees can turn this thing around?  Definitely.

Show your true colors as a fan, now, when your team needs the support.



  1. Amen,, my brother.

  2. I’m frustrated, but not worried per se. But i know a 7 game winning streak is just a crack of the bat away. Lets get it started tonight.


  3. I think the AL East is going to come down to the wire. I’m definitely annoyed but I have faith.

  4. “This Movement”? You are delusional? There is no movement. Unless you call hordes of Yankee fans constantly talking about their past glory a Movement. ARod. Mr. April, Miss October (May too.) 2 RBI’s in the last 10 games. O-4 in today’s loss to Chicago.

  5. AROD: batting .139 in last 10 games. I will need earplugs to protect my hearing from the boo’s when he steps to the plate against Boston on Monday.

  6. Magoots:

    Reread your comments from the last month and a half (especially the two directly above) and see how much pleasure you take in degrading other people (especially A-Rod). I may be delusional for thinking any kind of positive support network is being built thru this website (I prefer the term optimistic), but what does your behavior say about you?

    You are exactly the kind of person that underscores the somewhat absurd need for this Movement – negative for the sake of being negative. Thank you for proving my point.

  7. I just hope you post the stats the same way when he goes back on a hot streak. You obviously dont think he will bat .139 for the rest of the season or you would be an idiot. So MAGOOTS and all other yanks/Arod haters just do me the favor of posting stats when he does well. Nobody in the history of the game has been slump free and nobody ever will. Keep dreaming though.

  8. I don’t have to post when ARod does well because the owner of this blog and all the ARod supporters will do it. My role is to provide the balance and to see the forest, not just the trees. The big picture: Arod’s signing was a huge mistake and fans can only help the Yankees by booing him right out of town. If you want to root for the uniform, go ahead. The Boss and his bag-man Brian are being played for the suckers they are by every agent in the game. Signing Arod, Damon, Abreu, and now Rocket.

  9. One game at at time. There are still 120 games left. Yes, it is about that time everyone starts contributing and cut into the deficit. Jeter and Posada are not going to stay hot all season just like we knew A-rod wasn’t going to continue his incredible HR streak. Yanks have their starters lined up for Boston, so I am hoping for a sweep even though it will not be an easy task.

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