Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 18, 2007

A Need for Consistency

Well, New York, our boys are digging themselves quite a hole lately, aren’t they?  As a few of the players have noted, first the pitching was bad and the offense was on fire, and now the roles have completely reversed.  In order for things to change in the Bronx, the good pitching and defense must begin to coexist with timely hitting.  Sounds easier said than done, but this is a line-up stacked with underperforming .300 hitters – something’s gonna give, and soon.

With the exception of amazing averages for Jeter and Posada to date (two Dynasty stalwarts who know how to “grind it out”), here is a rundown of the team’s elite hitters: Damon (.256), Matsui (.275), Giambi (.273), Abreu (.236), and Cano (.234).  Even A-Rod (who hit .355 in April) has had a sub-.250 average for the month of May.  Again, what are the odds of all six of these hitters going into funks at the same time?  Something’s gonna give, and soon.

The damage now stands at 9.5, with six crucial games against the Mets and Red Sox in the next six days.  As our project spells out, let’s stay consistent with our support – as fans – and collectively will these slumping Yankees to rise up to their All-Star potential.  There is a dire need for consistency in the Bronx, and I believe it will begin with three emotional games in Queens.




  1. Now, more than ever, we need to RISE

  2. Lets go A-rod and co. It is time to start chopping wood. It is time to cut into that deficit. One game at a time. Although Yanks feel short, way to start the rally on saturday A-rod.

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