Posted by: JoeD2133 | May 21, 2007

A Bloop and a Blast

Can one falling flare off the bat of Johnny Damon change the course of a season?  How about one lazer home run off the bat of Derek Jeter three pitches later?  Before that half-inning yesterday at Shea, EVERYTHING seemed to be going against the Yankees… every bounce of the ball… every crazy umpire’s call… every injury to a pitcher… every slump to every player happening at exactly the same time.

Yes, I believe that a half-inning can change things in a sport that is as unpredictable as it is beautiful.  The baseball gods have been frowning on the Yankees all season, and FINALLY a ball fell in yesterday, igniting a four-run inning and maybe – just maybe – an incredible team that had begun to feel sorry for itself, like no Yankees team ever should.

And, let me take this time to say thank you, Mr. Clippard.  What didn’t you do yesterday to help your teammates remember who they play for?  As many times as I’ve heard the mantra repeated over and over by “the experts”, good pitching really does change the game.  Confidence was the feeling I got from every pitch out of Tyler’s hand, and quite obviously, so did the Yankees. 

It’s time to remember, New York.  Tonight it’s time to begin three more games against the Red Sox.  Step up.

Oh yeah, and despite the lack of any big hits of late, A-Rod has hit two home runs in the last two games… maybe it’s time for his resurgence as well?



  1. stabilization continues apace, and the results are starting to show. and how awesome was it to see matsui go yard of that right wing blowhard schilling? wicked awesome, that’s how. yeah, wicked….i grew up in mass, outside of wormtown. I never liked those redsux.

  2. RISE!! What a joke. Yankee fans are now not just booing AROD, but half of the team, including Torre. This the bad karma we get for deciding to tear down Yankee Stadium — the house that Ruth built. Imagine doing that to Fenway or Wrigley? Never!! It’s just the mad pursuit of money at the expense of the sport.

  3. I admire the concept of what you are doing here. I’m a mets fan, but I’m here just because I wanted to tell you not to give up even in tough times, if that kind of sentiment matters to you.

    I don’t think booing your players ever helps. I felt as though Mets fans crucified an honorable person doing his best to not only play super-hard, but learn anew culture in Kazuo Matsui — and I think it is the rarest of athletes who might be so super-confident that they will say “I’ll just show those bozos what they get for booing me” and sock three HRs. I think more often than not, even the most supremely talented men and women are human. These are our players — they get booed on the road. Let them rest and feel at home when they put on their home whites. Just my two cents. I think you are giving voice to what a lot of the less vocal of us fans feels. I go to 40 or 50 games a year and I never boo players. I booed “plays” and still do even by my favorite mets when they fail to cover first, etc and show a lack of hustle — but I don’t like this “piling on” style of booing where the booing seems like a kind of thing to do for the fans. I just think it’s very counterproductive. If Alex opts out, I surely hope he would want to prove he can make it in NYC and try the other side of town. He grw up a keith hernandez fan, and I’ve got all the resepcct in the world for the guy. Good luck 2 you, and keep your head up. The Twins started rough last year, and Hughes and Clemens should really give y’all a lift!

  4. It’s getting so discouraging, though, to watch them lose game after game after game. It’s as though the team is missing it’s fire. No one seems to be amped up to win or bothered by all this losing, except maybe Posada. Am I misreading the team?

  5. So did A-Rod really try to mess up that play in Top of the 9th that scored Matsui? Did he really yell something to confuse the Blue Jay third baseman? It looked like he said something but…..

  6. Cheers, JR. I agree completely.

  7. Stray Rod’s demise is so typical of the Yankees desperate attempts to win at any cost. Sign anyone to any deal. Two known steroid users, wife beaters, cheaters, whatever it takes to regain that “Glory”. It ain’t happenin’ folks.

  8. This being a support site for Arod… anyone embarassed by what he did the other day? Or any of the “bush league” cheap shots he has managed to pull off this season alone?

  9. I was embarassed and I almost felt like it was a hollow victory for us. But as I am watching the Boston/NY game right now, Lowell just did a legal shot to Cano but it won’t get as much hype/comments, I believe, because it’s not a Yankee, or more importantly, it’s not A-Rod. I mean, did A-Rod do something dirty against Toronto? Yeah, I would say so. He probably shouldn’t have done it. But if it wasn’t A-Rod, would it be such a big deal? I can’t say with 100% certainty that it would be. Thoughts?

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