Posted by: JoeD2133 | June 3, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

Alright people, I’m back.  This whole ‘graduation from law school’, ‘time to start my Bar Review class’ has done a number on my available time, but today I have something to say.

What is the delay with these New York Yankees?  Every day, every game, we are all waiting for the moment this strange-but-true season turns around (heck, I even wrote about it in my last post below).  But, every day, every game, it’s not happening.  Whether it’s a well-pitched game with a failure of the bullpen (Proctor), a well-pitched game with a failure of the offense (too many to list), or a hard-fought win that ends up feeling negative anyway because of a certain player’s “scrappy” play (for the record, I did not agree with the “Ha!”), the switch just won’t flip.

What gives?  It’s hard to stay positive with the constant injuries (Roger that), the daily back-page tabloids (A-What?), and the constant feeling that for every step forward, this team has a knack for immediately taking two steps back (I don’t even want to discuss yesterday’s seventh inning, or Mussina’s constant inability to hold a lead when his team needs it the most).  What are we going to do, New York?

You know, for all of my talk about keeping your calm, being patient, and staying postive, I ERUPTED yesterday during the bottom of the seventh – oh yes, things were thrown across the room.  I am just so tired of seeing the same players screw up again and again, day after day, game after game.  At some point this has to end, right?  At some point, these players have to man-up, step-up, and show some pride in the way they play the game of baseball… right?

What if they are just not good enough?  What if this group of players are too old, too injury-prone, or just too average in terms of baseball skills?  Is this possible?  Could a $200M team actually be in this situation due to six greedy years of bad contracts on past-their-prime veterans, and bad trades that didn’t work out (and depleted the farm system at the same time)?  The answer, New York, is yes.  And we all know it, don’t we?

This is our bed as exhausted fans of the 2007 New York Yankees.  This is our bed as exhausted fans of an all-star who can hit .355 one month, and .235 the next.  If anything is going to turn this season around, it has to start with the men wearing pinstripes on the field, every day, every game – not the fans.

I will try my hardest to stay positive in the meantime, and I know the rest of the loyal fans out there will as well.  After all, this is still June, this is still America’s pasttime, and we still get to watch this team play 100+ games before it’s all said and done.  I just hope the Yankee players refuse to be done, and feel like they have a lot more to say.



  1. bobby abreu must go, the whole game changes if he catches that fly ball to start the 7th.that was one af the worst defensive plays i have ever seen.this guy is so so soft.seroiusly how many games has he been a huge part of the loss?between being an automatic out for 5 weeks and being so afraid to go hard after fly balls that are “out of his range” enough already 13 out and 6 back of the wild card torre needs to sit him down now no dh, no batting 7th, no leadoff spot. put him on the bench starting today.

  2. top 9 fenway park 5 – 5 ballgame 2 strikes game winning homerun… is this not clutch for you… i dont know how many of these hits arod needs to quiet the haters but somehow im sure this wont be enough.

  3. Yes: tie game, 2 outs, top of the 9th @ Fenway, 0-2 and…Slay-Rod!
    The Yankees took 2 out of 3 from Boston, just like at the Stadium 2 weeks ago. Let’s hope it’s the start of good things to come.

    A damn shame about Doug M.

    As for Abreu, at the very least, he needs to be benched for a couple of games and see if that lights a spark under him.

  4. I have to admit that last night, after our lead was blown and the Sox were up by 1, I changed the channel. I couldn’t stomach it. I am SO sick and tired of the same old same old. And what bothers me the most is that it seems NO ONE cares, on the team, at least. It’s like they are missing that competitive edge, that spark. They seem like they are just going throught the motions and I can’t understand it.
    Henry, I said those same words outloud last night to my TV: Abreu needs to be benched.

  5. By the way, congrats on the graduation!!

  6. I have to disagree with you about A-Rod’s “Ha”. I didn’t find anything wrong with it. We’ve heard it commented on endlessly for the last few days, but if it had been anyone else… the talk would have been over in a day. He’s not the first player and he certainly won’t be the last. He’s just A-Rod. And everyone forgets that he’s just a guy. His instincts took over as he rounded the bases. He probably didn’t even think about it, it just came out. And let’s be truthful. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And these guys are in desperate times.

    For some reason, A-Rod is always judged by his last action. Whether it’s a strikeout, a homerun, a double play, a game-winner, or a “ha”, it seems to be only the last thing that people remember. We seem to have short-term memories with him. Very short. There’s more talk about A-Rod’s “scrappy” play than there is about Jeter’s constant errors and game-losing non-clutch hitting. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jeter as much as anyone, but no one gets on his back everyday.

    Abreu? I’m over it. Next!

  7. As the man who made this site you should be ashamed of what you wrote. Is this possible? hell no it’s not. This is gonna last about as long as your lame Law career. I can’t believe you gave up man. Hand the rights to this bitch over to me a true yankees fan. I won’t ever give in to any of this crap. Yanks will win 1st place done and done. You should go buy a Boston hat fool. Go yanks!

  8. I preface my comments saying I am a RED SOX fan first and foremost. However, I totally respect your comments.
    Just imagine that “throwing things across the room” feeling almost every year!! Well, until 2004. 😉 hahaha, thats what I usually went through in my many years as a hometown fan of the Red Sox. Being a Red Sox fan I have learned to NEVER give up hope or faith in your team. Look at what the Twins did last year.

    There is a worn out cliche, although it is so true: It is a long season. Things look great for the Red Sox..but it’s never over until the last pitch. Anything can happen in this wonderful game called baseball. I’ve also learned, especially being a Red Sox fan that the bad times make the good/great ones all the sweeter!

    Perhaps this is one of those down times for the Yankees. The Celtics dynasty also has been over for some time. All good things must pass, you Yankees and fans have been on top for quite some time.

    Now that the Yankees don’t have the Red Sox to contend with again until late August, both teams can fully concentrate on the other opponents.

    I was driving to work Monday morning, and the Red Sox were landing in Oakland for the series there. Tough stretch of west games, and coming off a usual long, drawn out, emotional series with the Yankees, the Red Sox almost pulled off a nail biter, yet succumbed in the 11th inning last night to a walk off homer to Eric Chavez.

    Maybe you should change this forum to just a Yankees type forum. This is a team sport, and there is more to be fixed than Arod. Arod could still be on that incredible run in April, and the team would still be struggling. In fact, he is doing just fine. Besides the shenanigans..Yes, I said shenanigans.

    Peace, and as usual..
    GoodLuckWithThat 😉

  9. two comments — one on the play in toronto, first:

    here’s the thing about A-Rod and that play — he knows it’s outside of accepted baseball decorum — everyone has said theyve never seen that play or in Omar Vizquel’s base (a player i respect tremendously) he said he tried it as a rookie and was told never to do it again. Now, on one side, people paint a-rod as feling “above the law” but a 12 year vet knows the rules and repercussions. Was it Machiavellian? sure — but lost in this is that A-rod surely knows he’s in for a drilling in the ribs by the jays, and he felt the win was important enough to accept that. I won’t say good for him, but he’ll not shirk the consequences.

    Second — in raising his game in chicago right when the world seems aligned against him and gleeful in exploiting his personal life — and remember, everywhere last year was rumors that Manny asked out of boston to placate a wife who was aware of some sort of shennanigans — and it was never reported in detail — A-Rod has shown great focus.

    Look, I’ll be honest, I’m a Mets fan, but I was raised a baseball fan. All players deserve support unless they a) do not hustle or b) disrepsect the fans (like Derek Bell during “operation shutdown”). Many times during the vocal assaults on Kaz Matsui, I wish someone had stepped forward to protect him. I did my best through cheering, and vocalizing support at early BP through signs of encouragement, but I find that in a season teetering on the brink for the Yankees I’ve gained more respect for A-Rod and lost respect for the alleged leaders of the team who publically seem to delight in throwing him under the bus.

    As Wyatt Earp said in Tombstone “you back your brother’s play”. I see a failure in leadership from the manager to captain down.

    I think unless this team is galvanized by an incident like the 2004 bosox — they will continue uneven play.

  10. Wow, YankeeClipper, there was no need for all that, man. He was just voicing his frustration in the team…..

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