Posted by: JoeD2133 | June 7, 2007

Hmmm… 5 of 7

Well, including the “Ha!” night in Toronto, the Yanks have now won 5 of their last 7, including a win against the Red Sox powered by a two-out, two-strikes, game-winning A-Bomb off of Jonathan Papelbon – nice.  Was it something I said (I posted for the first time in weeks that very morning)?

As for the one blogger who got angry at that last post – claiming I had given up on A-Rod and the Yankees this season – please reread.  Nobody else took it that way, and that’s because we are all voicing our frustration with the seeming lack of life our favorite Yankees have displayed to date.  It’s a natural reaction to seeing a group of people we know can play this game NOT playing up to their potential, especially when we vest so much of our time and support in that group of people.  Nobody is giving up, least of all me, so I apologize if my last post came out that way.

Now, hold on a minute – things are starting to gell a bit for our boys, aren’t they? – especially with Melky playing a nasty centerfield (another strong putout tonight) and Miguel Cairo becoming a much-needed, well-rounded role player at first.  Johnny Damon is starting to hit with the rest his legs are getting, Abreu has hit .500 over the last week, and Robby Cano is staring to be Robby Cano again… oh, and let’s not forget the Rocket Relauch on Saturday (I have tix) and the boost The Yankee Clippard is providing at the bottom of the rotation (he’s been a huge bonus, given the current status of Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, and Phillip Hughes).

Finally, some consistency across the board.  This is the way we all want – and know – the Yankees can play baseball.  Let’s go!



  1. What a great throw Melky sent Posada’s way, huh??? We just need a couple of more games like this to get the momentum going! Wang pitched nicely tonight, too. Let’s go, Yankees!

  2. The Yankees are back! It couldn’t feel any better, knowing that we’re finally winning back and on track to number one in the division, which is exactly where we deserve to be. I was reading this blog on and I couldn’t agree when it said how much we needed one game to boost back our confidence. Without a doubt, the last game of the series with the Red Sox, gave the Yanks an extra lift. Check out the blog, it’s kind of interesting.

  3. It did come off that way to me, my bad if I over reacted but thats just how i saw it. Glad everyone is on the same page.It doesn’t hurt that the sox have lost either. It is turning around, Like I knew it would. Yanks rule.

  4. Top of the 9th, bases loaded…..A-Rod shines AGAIN! I love it!

  5. Bought one of your shirts today (that would be the day A-Rod hit his 23rd and 24th homers). Gotta say, your site and your message are unbelievably inspirational. I chose. I believe.

  6. Hello:

    To the writer behind ProjectA13, I’d like to interview you for a story for New York magazine.

    Please email me at adam underscore sternbergh at newyorkmag dot com


  7. I said a while back that a 7-game win streak was just around the corner, and if we win tonight, it will be fact. Where’s my psychic detective tv show?

  8. vrakatar – maybe you should e-mail the guy from the New York Magazine?? He might fit you in!! LOL
    Go Yankees!

  9. I wouldn’t make good copy. But here are a couple more predictions: by the all-star break, the yanks and the sox will be even up, give or take two games, and by later tonight, i’ll have consumed several martinis.


  10. Ha ha! We will have to see….if your prediction comes true, we might have to think about marketing you! 🙂
    I’m actually heading to NYC from Boston tomorrow first thing in the a.m.! I got tickets to the game so I’m really excited!
    Go Yankees!

  11. Q:
    I know this site is all about arod, but how awesome was wang tonight?


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