Posted by: JoeD2133 | June 18, 2007

On All Cylinders

From eight-under to three-over in three weeks.  From 14-and-a-half desperation to 8-and-a-half confidence.  From a seemingly lifeless, aging ballclub to a cohesive, well-blended powerhouse, both at the plate AND on the mound.

What happened?

A lot of things.  One, Torre’s much-needed team meeting in Toronto, just before the “Ha!” play and the winning began.  Two, A-Rod’s extremely clutch two-out, two-strike, game-winning home run off of the seemingly unbeatable Jonathon Papelbon.  Three, Wang and Mussina rounded back into form around stalwart Andy Pettite, and the Rocket returned to the Bronx.  Four, Bobby Abreu rediscovered how to play baseball, and really well I might add.  And five, the substraction of Jason Giambi allowed for the addition of Melky “Leche” Cabrera, infusing the club with much-needed youth, athleticism and spark, not to mention allowing Johnny Damon to regain his legs.

And last but not least, Mr. Rodriguez regained his patience at the plate, and wow… have you ever seen a player with 27 home runs and 73 RBI’s on June 18?  I know I haven’t.  That’s a good season for the majority of players in Major League Baseball, and this guy is just getting started.  Not only has Alex proved he could shrug off his May slump like a true New Yorker, but he’s showing us all just how true he is as a ballplayer.  Take notice.

Good things come to those who wait (i.e. those who have patience).  His numbers have recently been aluded to as “Ruthian”, among other things.  Sit back (or stand up) Yankee fans, relax, and enjoy this unbelievable ride with A-Rod.  I’ve got this strange feeling that we haven’t seen anything yet.

A-Rod is back, and – surprise – the Yankees are back.  Where are all my haters now?



  1. No “I” in “TEAM”!
    Only thing good about A-rod to me is that IF he stays healthy
    he more than likely will breeze by Bonds for home run record,
    and we won’t have to acknowledge asterisk boy for too many years.
    7 years, about 40 dingers a year should do it.
    Bonds, at Rodriguez age, I believe only had around 330 or so home runs.
    Although I give a-rod a lot of crap cuz he is a dreaded Yankee from the dark side,
    gotta give credit where it is due, he’s swinging the bat ferociously this year.
    Maybe if he matures a little more as a person, maybe someday he can wear the HR crown
    with as much dignity as ole Hank.
    And don’t worry Sox Nation…Objects in mirror are closer than they appear 🙂

  2. I finally am getting my act together to buy the tee shirt tomorrow! I will wear it proudly here in Boston! RISE!
    As for the Yankees, I am so proud of my boys. Not that I wasn’t before; but, they are playing with emotion now.
    I was in Yankee Stadium on Saturday for the Subway Series and witnessed A-Rod’s 26th Home Run. All I could say was “He is amazing”.

  3. Rocky Road in Colorado.
    Swept back to 10 1/2 games behind thanks to
    the “savior” Clemens.


  4. wow, glwt, a three game series where the bats went a bit cold sure does spell doom for the rest of the season. You should be on espn or something, your analytical skills are just so awesome.

    oh, wait, the yankees won last night, based on your model i guess that means all their problems are solved!



    Clemens now pitching in relief, HA!


  6. How about those “amazing Yanks”? All the way back to 8.5 out. Then, oopsie!, they lose 2 series to Colorado and SF. 11.5 out now. ARod’s having a great year because every pitcher in the league knows they can challenge him cause no one’s base ahead of him and no one’s coming behind him that they need to worry about.

    Rise. RISE, RISE! Yankee fans. Go to your windows, open them, stick your heads out and scream. “We’re scared as hell, and we can’t take it anymore!”

  7. Ithought this was supposed to be a positive site for A-Rod and Yankee fans!
    Scared-I don’t think so! There’s plenty of time for this to turn around.And it is not going to happen by not supporting the team.
    I think the Yankees problem,besides the bullpen,is partially due to lack of confidence,and theb belief ,no,the expectation of winning!
    Remember the days they used to say:”We play today,we win today”? They need that spirit again, and the one way the fans can help make a difference is to help them remember that!

  8. Mid-season AL EAST WRAP:

    Red Sox continue their complete dominance over the American League, and MLB.
    At 82 games completed, they have the best record in all of baseball, and sending
    5 players to the All-Star game. David Ortiz was voted to start at first base and will be joined by Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett and Jonathan Papelbon. Okijima will most likely get the go for the final vote and make it 6 players from Boston going to the All-Star game. Indeed an honorable mention must go to Kevin Youkilis, who pulled an Ortiz earlier in season and practically carried the team on his own with his great play.

    They survived a mini June swoon, and if it happens again, they will survive. Pitching is just too strong.
    Can only imagine what happens when the Red Sox bats wake up!
    The Yankees really need a miracle and a complete disaster for the Red Sox if they are to win division.
    Yankees will be lucky if they even get in on wild card. But as you know, once you do make the playoffs, its a new season.

    Boston 51 31 .622 – –
    New York 39 41 .488 11.0
    Toronto 40 43 .482 11.5
    Baltimore 36 46 .439 15.0
    Tampa Bay 33 49 .402 18.0

    Red Sox played the first of 18 games vs. Tampa Bay last night, resulting in a 4-1 win.
    Both the Red Sox and Yankees have games today, July 4th, at 1:05 PM.

    Have a great Fourth Yankee Fans. And thanks Site Creator for not kicking this Red Sox fan off of your blog 😉


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