Posted by: JoeD2133 | June 27, 2007

Hello Mr. Hyde

Let me start by saying this: I am not mad at Scott Proctor.

Scott Proctor did last night what he is apt to do in tight situations.  Lose.  The man’s record in 1-5… hmmm.  Who I am mad at is a certain manager who threw him out there in the top of the ninth, when that manager knew Scott’s past performances all too well, and knew his team needed a win to stop this current bleeding.  When was the last time Rivera even pitched?  I think a two or three inning outing for Mo would be have been GOOD for his health.  Instead, we got Proctor’s 39th average appearance of the season, and the Yankees lost the game.

I am also mad at a certain General Manager who constructed this bullpen of horrors, especially with the amount of resources the Yankee High Command gives this General Manager.  Should we have expected any different outcome last night?  Proctor, Bruney and Farnsworth are all the same pitcher: hard-throwing righties who don’t trust their stuff enough to dominate, and thus walk too many hitters, and get beat too often on their third best pitch because they’re constantly pitching out of hitter’s counts.  Vizcaino, Villone, Henn and Meyers… are you kidding me???  You can’t go very far with a one-man bullpen, and it had to be constructed by someone.

I applaud Brian Cashman for the current youth movement, but unfortunately for him, the effects of bad decisions over the past six years are manifesting themselves in every way this season – injuries, six-inning starters, below-average bullpen, and inconsistent hitters – and the youth is nowhere near ready to help… or are they?

How many times can you keep going back to the same players who just aren’t getting the job done?  Why are the Red Sox suddenly grabbing guys like Beckett, Matsuzaka and Okajima, and the Yankees are getting Pavano, Igawa and Farnsworth?  These are the questions on my mind as the Yankees go from terrible, to incredible, to terrible again… this week, Mr. Hyde is wearing the pinstripes.

I know this sight is supposed to be all about A-Rod, but his consistent defense at third, consistent clutch at-bats, and overall amazing season is on the backburner for all true Yankees fans out there.  What do these Yankees need to do to get consistent, confident production?  Any suggestions anyone (besides a new bullpen!)?



  1. Why would you be mad at Cashman for putting together the bullpen and not mad at Joe Torre for making the same idiotic mistakes over and over again? I mean, as I wrote at River Ave. Blues, how many times can he keep leaving Rivera in the pen as lesser relieves blow the game? That loss is on his shoulders.

  2. I know whenever I see Farnsworth or Proctor go out there, it’s like “UGH….here we go”. There is no confidence there.
    But did I hear right last night that Andy was quoted as saying something like “I hope that everyone does care about how we are playing”?

  3. Now the Yankees are burning their equipment.

    GoodLuckWithThat 🙂

  4. I think burning the equipment will turn things around for us. NOT!! ARod’s wife said it all with the t-shirt, speaking to us fans for the management, the players, and AROD: “F You!”
    “Pay your money and shut up. We’re the Yankees, we can do anything. Tear down the house that Ruth built, show Bernie the door, sign a middle-aged overweight has been as our savior-ace.” Bad Karma and we are paying the price. When the Red Sox beat us badly in our own house, then danced on our smoldering graves in 2004 they put the curse on us. Doubt it? What have we done since then except embarrass the city of NY. I am going to boo the crap out Torre every time he shows his face, along with Damon, Proctor, and all the rest of the deadweight on this team. Bronx is Burning!!? It’s already burnt, now it’s rotting and it stinks.

  5. It’s been a while. I love the fresh site. 🙂 Hooray for our pinstripes! We whipped some butt and it felt damned good!

    However, I am appalled by the way Farnsworth was booed. Seriously, people, grow up. It’s opening day, and that means a clean slate. The first pitch hadn’t been thrown yet and you’ve already given the guy a reason not to care. It’s annoying. If you’re loyal to our boys, then be loyal to ALL of our boys. Booing didn’t help Alex; it screwed his confidence. So know that booing won’t help Kyle, either. Ungh.

    Other than that, go Yanks!

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