Posted by: JoeD2133 | July 7, 2007

This Coaster is Climbing… Again

Well, here we go everyone… the optimist in me sees a monster start from Clemens today (did you see his last start), which will allow the Yankees to go for a sweep of the Angels on Sunday.  Couple that with the Red Sox possibly getting swept this weekend in Detroit (their pitching doesn’t match up well) and the Yankees COULD POSSIBLY BE 8 GAMES BACK (in the loss column) at the All-Star break.  8 games.  Better than 14, one game behind where they were before the never-to-be-mentioned-again road-trip to Colorado and San Franscisco.  In other words, “headed in the RIGHT direction”.  Hang on tight.

Wild Card?  What Wild Card?  Never think Wild Card until there’s no other choice.

As for Proctor and the struggling bullpen – again – was it something I said (or maybe it was the equipment bonfire)?  Since my last frustrated post below, Proctor has suddenly become unhittable, and both Vizcaino and even Farnsworth have appeared reliable.  Once more, hang on tight.  This could get interesting, especially when Edwar Ramirez gets some more experience… his stuff is just plain nasty.

And as for A-Rod, what can I say.  The boos are a distant memory, the numbers continue to climb (29 HRs, 82 RBIs), and the clutch hits continue to come (with last night’s laser home run being no exception).  Michael Kaye continues to call it a “dream season” for Alex, and it’s only the half-way mark.  I say with Maris’ record a legitimate target, and a possible postseason resurrection hanging precariously on the horizon, we haven’t seen anything yet.  While nobody can offer solid, evidencial proof that this website and the RISE Campaign have had an intangible effect on A-Rod’s season thus far, it is incredible that both are unfolding side by side…

I think it’s time for a new campaign New York.  Unless we want this generation’s Babe Ruth to play out the rest of his career somewhere else, let’s ask Alex Rodriguez to STAY.

Be on the lookout for instructions.



  1. Agreed. I think he needs to hear from the fans that we want him to stay in NY.

  2. It’s important to recognize that A-Rod is on fire because of the energies around him changing. I also think that, despite the negative energies from last year, he still was one of the best players on the face of the Earth, so bad stats for him are phenomenal for anyone else. Anyways, he’s having an awesome season, and here’s hoping for the best.

    “Feel like A-Rod, some say his time’s up
    Boo a n**** at home, yup I’m in my prime But
    he by far the best player on the team
    And then turn around, drop ’em to the bottom of the lineup
    Should get traded, but he don’t wanna move
    ‘Cause this the only city he got somethin’ to prove
    And that’s why I’m seen with heaters
    ‘Cause you can’t be the man when you on the same team as Jeter Ya dig …”

    Joe Budden – “Broken Wings Freestyle”

  3. You have to love this article:

    “New York knocked him to the ground, and A-Rod got up.”

  4. Let’s face it. The truth. Yanks are going no where with or without ARod. What’s Clemens? 3-5 with an ERA around 4.00. Why don’t we go out and get David Wells to complete our roster of fat has-beens! We need a complete house cleaning here and to rebuild or we’ll be looking up at the D-Rays by this time next year.

  5. sorry i have not been around in a bit, folks.

    maggots is wrong as usual. Clemens has pitched well (except for today) in the games he has lost, getting little run support. I agree, we ought let arod know we want him to stay, but i fear the forces at work in that sphere are more powerful than what we could muster. can’t hurt though.

    i am a bit dissapointed by the yankees failure to trade and upgrade the bullpen. i love melky, but if sending him to texas would have got us gagne…then we could throw farnsworth in the river and be in much better shape. farnsworth is the weakest link. something must be done.

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