Posted by: JoeD2133 | August 1, 2007

‘Nuff Said, NY

NY POST: “Yankee Fans Key to A-Rod’s Decision”



  1. Our savior, Clemens, had a fine outing today. 8 runs in an inning and a third. Cash-Man lets Gagne go to Boston. But we can still worship ARod. Where was he when Yankee games actually meant something, like in the playoffs last year. He’s choking now trying to hit his 500th HR, I can only imagine the anxiety when they try (and fail) to win a playoff spot.

  2. What was important about today was that after Clemens getting rocked they came back to MAKE HISTORY and put up 8 runs of their own. Sure it wasn’t enough–is Farnsworth ever gonna have a 1-2-3 inning again?!–but THAT is the kind of fight we need to see in these guys.

    Yes, Cashman didn’t do enough trade-wise (I would’ve traded Farnworth before Proctor, anyday. But who the hell am I?) but he didn’t give up Melky who EVERYBODY wanted. So, at least in that regard, it’s not business as usual in the Bronx.

    As for A-Rod, he snapped out of his slump w/an RBI single. 500 will come when it comes. But his teammates are playing as one and that is much more important right now.

  3. What was important about today wasn’t the meaningless 8 runs against a horrible pitcher and team, but the fact that Yankee fans booed the crap out of Clemens when Torre gave him the 2nd inning hook. Yanks can hit. We know that. But pitching and defense win 7 game series… something we haven’t done much of in the past 6 years.

  4. 500 HOMERUNZ!!!!! *Dances a Jig*

    I’m so happy for him. What a wonderful way to start this game. What a turn around from last season. I’ve always defended Alex throughout his slump and now we’re reaping the rewards of loyalty. Go Arod! We’re so proud of you!

  5. I am going to PROUDLY wear my RISE tee shirt today in honor of ARod’s 500th HR!!!

  6. quick! someone start a blog about how gagne sucks and the red sox are idiots for paying him big bucks.

  7. It’s the fans, but it also has a lot to do with the agent. I hear that, if we can’t sign him before the season’s over, we’ve lost him for good. One can only hope, but the press outside of New York is really putting the press on us fans, saying most of us hate A-Rod. Very interesting …

  8. Right? How’s Gagne working for you?? LOL But then again…..Farnsworth. Sigh.

  9. Tuesday night: arod hits another dinger. The angels are roughing us up in the 3rd. I’m watching a buddy’s house and dog, so i have to use his mac, which only speaks russian. I have a nasty head cold and should get some rest. But the beer is cold, the game is on, and the written-off yankees are in the thick of the playoff race. This is not the time to go all wobbly.

    why, moose, why? what ails you?

  10. Do you think Moose knows he’s fighting for his spot on the rotation and it’s gotten to his head? I mean, he was always good for at least 5 innings…..sigh.

  11. Where have you gone?

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