Posted by: JoeD2133 | September 25, 2007

Where Have You Gone, Joe D.?

Or so I have been asked, by Tish Tash below.

Well Tish, I decided to stop preaching and just let A-Rod and the Yankees go about their business.  The boos stopped long ago, and the Yankees have become the best team in baseball again, so I figured my work was done.

Isn’t it amazing, though?  Booing Alex Rodriguez is not even an afterthought these days, when only a year ago it was the cool thing to do in New York – the hot topic referenced each and every day in the media, offices, and bars of this great city.  Yes, he has put up unbelievable numbers this season.  And yes, October baseball will be his final test.  But you know what – there were slumps and errors this year that could have been serenaded with boos, and they weren’t.  There will be opportunities in the future to boo, and we won’t.

Something has changed for Alex and New York this season, and we all know it.  He got knocked down in 2006 – worse than anyone in recent memory – and he has come back this season stronger than ever.  That is something New Yorkers can stand behind.  That is something this city admires.  Yeah, maybe the guy is a little awkward sometimes with his quotes, and maybe he acts a little dramatic sometimes when he gets hit by a pitch, but come on – this guy can play the game of baseball, and he can play it well.  We have all had a chance to witness greatness this year, and that’s what keeps us coming back to the Bronx game after game, season after season.

Where would the 2007 Yankees be without A-Rod this year, who almost single-handedly carried them through the valleys, with the exception of Posada and Jeter of course?  Who knows.  Certainly not on the edge of October.  Certainly not on the heels of the most anxiety-filled AL East Champs in baseball history (and that’s assuming the Yankees don’t blow right by them over these last six games).

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player.  For Alex Rodriguez, it stands for Most Visible Player.  And wow, what a sight he has been in 2007.

Thank you all for your support.  Now you know the effects of positive thoughts on a player, a team, and a city.  This October is going to be special for New York… especially in the Bronx.



  1. Thank you for everything, Joe! This website has been great and I have really enjoyed all the conversations that have gone on! Good luck with your law career and GO YANKEES! Let’s keep ARod in NYC! RISE!

  2. As i type this, the yankees are smacking tampa bay around on the way to clinching a playoff spot. Melky just made a great catch. Posada has had the batting year of his career, and thrown out more than a few baserunners. Joba and Duncan and Huges and Ohlendorf have brought rookie joy.

    and arod?

    arod basked in the fanlove and dominated.

    keep the site up though the playoffs.


  3. now that i think about it, how about a RISE playoff meetup sometime in oct.?

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