Posted by: JoeD2133 | October 3, 2007

Did You Know…?

Babe Ruth did not bring a World Series Championship to New York until his fourth season with the Yankees – 1923.

2007 is A-Rod’s fourth season as a Yankee.

Check out this amazing article by Howard Bryant on ESPN: “King of Gotham?”



  1. This has to be Joe Torre’s most poorly managed game ever. Matsui’s hasn’t had a hit in three weeks, Wang lost his sinking at the end of August, I’m really disapointed in Torres decsisions. The past three seasons have been such a let down that I really have no expectations but this is just wrong. Hughes should have come into the game in the fifth.

  2. A-Rod for MVP! Yanks fall short again!

    Is that what you sorry Yank fans really want? 54 homers but ZERO rings???



    GO SOX!

  3. How y’all feeling standing up now? Your legs starting to hurt?

    Face it, Yank fans: When the bacon is on the table, A-FRAUD just doesn’t get the job done.

    The bottom line in all of this:

    O’Neil is not walking through that door!

    Brosius is not walking through that door!

    Luis Soho is not walking through that door!

    Have a fun time standing around staring at a wall in November!

    GO SOX!

  4. bugs. i just don’t understand. fracking bugs.

  5. Smitty seems to be a representative sample of most Sox fans: Given one championship in 88 (soon to be 89 years), they feel they have a right to gloat.

    26 championships in 78 years is something worth gloating over.

  6. This blog is supposed to be about ARod, so I will spare you all the comments about the Yankee woes in general. 7 post-season blow-ups, and counting. Nuff said about that.

    AROD: Mr. April does it again!

    Rodriguez’s meaningless homer against the Tribe marked the first time he drove in a run in the playoffs since Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS against the Red Sox. In the 12 games between, Rodriguez hit a paltry .118 with no RBIs in 51 at-bats.

    Ortiz ROUTINELY does more in one playoff game than ARod has EVER done in an entire series.

    Why are so many fans in denial about this guy? He’s the classic choker. $27 million? Are you kidding me. That buys a lot of starting pitching. You know, guys like Sabathia, Carmona, Beckett, Dice-k, Schilling.

  7. At least Jeter choked a bit yesterday, to take some of the blame off of A-Rod.

  8. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, ARod’s total lack of production in the postseason, now appears to have contributed in a big way to the Torre losing his job. I love it!!!

  9. Well, I guess now that A-Fraud is opting out it can all be summed up thusly:

    ProjectA13: FALL

  10. Well, since A-Rod is opting out, he’s clearly going for the money.

    Well, Mr. Boras, keep feeding your client’s crap about how great they are and IPN and what not. Based on your past track record, A-Rod’s set to be hosed for the season on whatever team he plays next year by the end fo spring training.

    What happened to Barry Zito?

    Scott Boras…the man with the worst grudge against major league baseball. Never could make it as a big leaguer, so he’s gonna take it out on the league, who then just jacks up the prices for fans. Scott Boras, your truly are a tool. You are Satan incarnate.

    In the four years A-Rod was here, I never booed him…until now. Go put your hands in someone elses cookie jar you greedy bastard. Your mom never should have picked you up at the Boys and Girls clubs. She should have just dropped you off and never looked back.

  11. Way back, early in the season, I posted here that I would rather have Mike Lowell than ARod, EVEN if it was even salary. You all derided me. But today, I am laughing loudly. Lowell, World Series MVP. ARod, Loser. Ha Ha Ha.

  12. magoots congrats sox were awesome lowell is great but anyone who knows even a little about baseball which you obviously dont would trade lowell for arod the second after he picked up his world series mvp trophy.

  13. Hey TishTash: Try 2 titles in 4 years, scrubnut!

    Torre’s gone. A-Rod’s gone. A guy who crashed and burned managing the Marlins is now the Yank manager. the future looks so bright!

    My only question is this: When are you sorry-ass Yank fans/A-Rod butt kissers gonna shut down this failed site?



    GO SOX

  14. Is this site a joke or what? The “anti-boos movement” Excuse me while I piss my pants in laughter.

  15. Magoots: Lowell hits fly balls to left field. The only place this feat results in hits is Fenway Park. Anywhere else, he’s a .240 hitter.

    Smitty: 2 titles in 4 years is something to gloat about? How about three titles in a row, or four in five years? How about four in a row twice, or five in a row?

    You Sox fans are all the same. I haven’t met one fan who can’t enjoy anything the Red Sox do without worrying themselves sick about how the Yankees are doing. It’s like a disease.

    P.S. Considering today’s events, this site may stay relevant after all. I look forward to more home runs and six-run rallies against your closer Papelbon, who by the looks of his interview with Letterman, can’t spell three-letter words if his life depended on it.

  16. And “rip”: And tired old schticks like “Cowboy Up!” are not a joke? It’s not unusual for Sox fans to piss in their pants; there were many a wet spot between their legs from 1919-2003. Involuntary enuresis seems to be a prerequisite to be a New Englander.

  17. hey, don’t assume that all new englanders are red sox fans! i am a diehard yankees fan, i hate the red sox (and the pats for that matter) and am also a new englander!

  18. Jetcie: Sorry. And also apologies to many an honorable Red Sox fan; there are many of you out there, and I don’t mean to lump you in with the psychotics of the world (which do consist of BOTH Red Sox and Yankees fans, I’m sad to admit). To those, I sincerely say congratulations.



    tish tash (too cool for school): Yes, 2 titles in 4 years, big guy. What you speak of is in the past – nothing more! I have a book for you to read:




    …and 6 runs rallies against Paplebon?? Hahahahahhahaha That’s some good weed! Can I have some?

    Meanwhile, you sign your washed up closer and backstop to 3 and 4 year mega deals respectively when they are burnt out! That’s a sign of only one thing – not being able to let go. It is Rivera who’s going to continue to get lit up like a CHristmas tree by the Sox next year and unfortnately watch his amazing career end on a low note because of greed and idiot management!

    finally all of you srub-nut Yank fans, congrats on the A-Rod MVP! I’m sure it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I even send you advanced kudos when he becomes the new home run king in about 8 years…

    …but don’t get me wrong. I’ll take our DIRT DOG WORLD SERIES MVP third baseman any day of the week over that ringless prima-donna of yours!

    GO SOX

  20. Smitty obviously suffers from mental retardation: It was only this past season that handed a five-run lead, the Yankees handily (with no outs) posted six runs en route to a victory against Okajima and (yes) Papelbon. Who, coincidentally, gave up a winning home run in the 10th inning to A-Rod earlier in the year.

    Smitty is one of those psychotics I mentioned before. There are many Sox and Yankees fans that can talk a great game and the back-and-forth is pleasurable, and in many instances humble. Smitty and many others (Sox and Yanks fans both) cannot discuss anything without posturing and insult. To them, including Smitty, I say rot in the tiny hell you make for yourself; you obviously had little love from anyone growing up.

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