Posted by: JoeD2133 | February 20, 2008

NEXT: Project A13.2

Welcome back, Yankee fans (and the haters as well, who make our lives “interesting” at the very least). 

What started as a website for positive change in the Bronx last season – a project designed to elicit both reaction and reflection from all walks of baseball fans – will now become a vehicle for progress in 2008. While the original website has been taken down and the contents saved away (mission accomplished), this blog “Bringing Down the House” will attempt to build off of the attention Project A13 received in 2007, and the amazing MVP season that its focal point delivered.

In short, I believe that 2008 – the last year of “The House that Ruth Built” – is going to be a special one for the Yankees, and right on cue, for this generation’s equivalent of Babe Ruth himself: Alex Rodriguez.

How else could it end, right?  And if I’m right, what a story it will make.

My goal is to chronicle the Yankees’ every game, much like a beat writer would for a New York paper, with the end result being a compilation of articles that will form a definitive, unique, and fan-centric account of this magical season.  It is my personal ambition that this blog become one of your daily visits for a report on each Yankee game played, and a forum for your comments concerning both the on-field action and my posts.

And of course, the underlying focal point of the writing will be No. 13, without whom there would be no A13. So, people – continue to support and continue to believe. Baseball is in need of a hero again, much like baseball needed Babe Ruth way back in the 1920’s.

Isn’t it nice to know that the hero they’re looking for is wearing pinstripes?

Stay tuned, and as always, thank you.



  1. You know I support the cause. I got a few A-Rod posts similar to your mission. Just give me a holla. Peace.

  2. Hey man, as you probably know, Ross and I from NYYStadiumInsider were supporters of the cause since the start, and I’m excited to read what you have to offer. Hopefully you could swing by our forums on our site, we’re kind of a tight knit community, and not a very harsh one. we accept all views.

    good luck blogging this year!

  3. Yeee-haaa! I can’t wait for yankee baseball to return. Here’s my wish list for the 2008 season, in no particular order: A Cy Young award for Chien, 100+ hr’s for A-Rod, a batting title for Jorge, a 27th championship, and dominating pitching from Jobba wherever they use him.

  4. It’s great to be back!!! Thanks for the update, Joe! Now let’s play baaaalllll!!!!!

  5. baseball!! thank god. he is the top sports story in all the papers and its feb 21

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