Posted by: JoeD2133 | April 12, 2008

4/11: Yankees 4, Red Sox 1

                It’s not every day that a complete game gets pitched anymore.  In today’s baseball, you have a deep and over-extended bullpen consisting of long men, left-handed specialists, and a designated pitcher or two for the seventh inning, the eighth inning, and the close of the game.  Gone are the days of 300-inning gunslingers who would rather their arms fall off than get pulled.  Gone are the days of expecting complete games on a routine basis from your number one and number two starters.  That’s just the reality of Major League Baseball in the twenty-first century, and the game is not going back.

                Hey, it gives managers something to do in the late innings, right?

                So when Chien-Ming Wang ambles into Fenway Park, takes the hill in classic, stoic form, and two-hits the formidable Red Sox lineup over nine solid, impressive frames of work, that performance is worth talking about.  Throw in a few raindrops and your mind starts to drift to the immortal sports film, The Natural, except that Robert Redford is just a little older, a little blonder, and a tad more eloquent with his words than young Mr. Wang.

                Who cares.  Anyone who can two-hit the Red Sox at Fenway Park, especially when that someone pitches for the New York Yankees in the biggest rivalry in all of American sports, has my respect.  Anyone who can get off a plane at 4:00 a.m., sleep for a few short hours, then go out and dominate the reigning World Champions like its going out of style, has my complete and undivided attention.

                Except for the fact that I was on my way down to Delaware last night, stuck on a fast-moving, just-crowded-enough Acela train, more excited to be reuniting with my college roommate for two nights of intoxicated revelry – his bachelor party – than I was to be watching a Yankees-Red Sox game.

                That’s unheard of, by the way.  It takes a small miracle for me to miss any televised Yankees game, let alone the first match-up of the season between my boys and hated bunch of dread-locked nitwits from Boston.  Some things in life take precedence over sports and entertainment – not much, but some – and this weekend qualifies in this category for me.

                So, like a lot people who enjoyed their Friday night out with friends and family, I caught bits and pieces of the game as it progressed, a strike-out of Ramirez here, a Big Papi double-play there, and a shot of Joe Girardi pacing the dugout in his first taste of The Rivalry at the helm.  And from what I could gather, the story started, developed, and ended with Chien-Ming Wang.

                Nice.  Wang starts 2008 with three straight wins, or half of the Yankees win total to date.

                I’m hung over today and my ex-roommate is all fired-up and ready to depart at 8:58 a.m. – yeah – so this story will continue tomorrow, when I’m hung over again and trying to find a way home to my wife.

                Yankees 4, Red Sox 1, season series 1-0 Bombers.

                That’s story enough.


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