Just me, Joe D., your average securities attorney for a hedge fund, here in Manhattan.  I love the Yankees, I love New York, and like each and every fan of the pinstripes out there, I am ready for A-Rod and the Yankees to retake the thrown of America’s Pastime.  2008 is going to be a very special season for this team – mark my words.

In terms of a Mission Statement for this blog, the following in an execerpt from my February 20th posting:

“…’Bringing Down the House’ will attempt to build off of the attention Project A13 received in 2007, and the amazing MVP season that its focal point delivered.  In short, I believe that 2008 – the last year of “The House that Ruth Built” – is going to be a special one for the Yankees, and right on cue, for this generation’s equivalent of Bath Ruth himself: Alex Rodriguez.  My goal is to chronicle the Yankees’ every game, much like a beat writer would for a New York paper, with the end result being a compilation of articles that will form a definitive, unique, and fan-centric account of this magical season.  It is my personal ambition that this blog become one of your daily visits for a report on each Yankee game played, and a forum for your comments concerning both the on-field action and my posts.”

I can be reached by email anytime at: joseph.digiglio@brooklaw.edu



  1. This is a great idea. Thank you for thinking of it and putting up the website. I am definitely on board with Project A13.

  2. Hopefully A-rod gets to read this and see the real fans stand up for him.

  3. The contract should be a non-issue. Some dope in Texas gave it to him,(I’d would have taken it wouldn”t you). Texas is full of missmanagment, just look at our President (oh, that’s right he was involved with that team wasn’t he).The Yanks got a bargin, Texas is paying a lot of it. In taking the contract off their hands the Yanks also saved Rangers baseball. ARod is Demag plus, lets get him to The Hall in pinstripes.Flagstaff AZ.

  4. Let’s just cheer for the guy – what do we have to lose?

  5. You are awesome! its about time someone did this!!! I just want to say that real fans don’t boo… EVER!! I support this movement 100%!! GO AROD!!!

  6. I remember the days when people used to boo Reggie Jackson before the 77 World Series. I never did-this is my team and has been since 1962-when i was born. My Father (born in the Bronx in the early 30’s)taught me the entire line-up(those were my first real words spoken and i still remember them to this day), and it has never wavered. You think the guy doesn’t want to do well- than you are wrong. He wants to win as badly as anyone. If you have a child that struggles-you encourage him towards success-you don’t chastise him.To a real fan baseball represents all that is good and pure in our lives. It is a chance to divorce ourselves from all the things in the world that bring us true sadness. A missed pop-up, a strike out pales in comparison to Cancer, Murder, Death and Disease. Nobody ever hit 1000 and nobody ever will, but what we are witnessing is the finest player to walk on a ball field since Lou Gehrig. It is time to embrace and support him. Will he always be perfect-no- but neither are we.

    We have a chance to have the greatest living player on our team to break Barry Bonds Home Run record one day and bring it back where it belongs-The Yankees

    It is up to us whether he opts out or not. I believe that if we continue on this path, we will chase him off. Everlasting Greatness comes around only so often- Joe D, Gehrig and Ruth.If he leaves we will only realize it then, and that is truly sad.

    Stand up for your team and it’s players as if they were your own children. You would not give your child away for not making the honor roll or getting in a fight-would you?

  7. This might be a fun site .
    You have to admit though that A-Rod didn’t produce at crucial times in the past.I root for him cause I’m a New York fan.I hope he gets a lot of support but I also wonder why he falls flat every time it has counted in the past.
    opening day I hope turns things around.
    I and my Yankee hating co worker will be commenting all year on this site !!


  9. I support A-Rod first off. In New York and in the Metropolitan area, we are crazy about our sports. We can either be the best place in the world to play, or the worst depending on how you perform. I have been watching the Yankees play since 1996. I picked a good year to start watching I guess. Since then there have been players that I loved and players that could not perform under the pressure. Remember when Pettitte almost got traded at the deadline during the 1999 campaign? Luckily, we didnt give him up, because in the following years we won two world series and wouldn’t have even beaten the Red Sox or reached a game 6 in the 2003 world series. New York is a hard place to play, no doubt, just ask RJ.

    Now I ask the question, what will it take for the boos to stop? What will A-Rod have to do for the fans of New York to back him up? I think it would have to take a World Series at this point. I say at this point, because if he doesn’t get us to the ALCS or even the World Series, he will be the one to blame because I guess he pitches and does middle relief in the games too. If we didn’t make the World Series, it would take a Reggie Jackson performance for people to love him. Personally, I think his numbers are fine, his defense is sub-par, but that is the least of his problems. If he goes 12 for 17 in a series against the Twins and the next night strikesout against Anna Benson we boo him like hell. That is unfair and unimaginable in any other city. I believe once he wins gets on a roll he will do more than fine, his defense will be exceptional, and the World Series will come back to the Bronx. I am young and haven’t watched the Yankees as much as other people reading or writing on this website, but I know a winner when I see one and A-Rod is just that.

  10. Good first week!!!I think if he has a good year we’re gonna look back to the single and stolen base in their first win of the season as the catalyst that got him going!!!Thats baseball,,,if he does more of that the HR’s will come ,,as we all saw,,,,,,Great start ,,

  11. Still doing this ridiculous website for Miss October A13? Yesterday he was 0-4 with 3 K’s and 5 runners LOB. Surprising because he usually comes though big with some meaningless RBI’s when the Yanks are down 8-1 like yesterday. I guess that’s Giambi’s job now. Why is the Stadium been half empty most games when this is supposed to be such an historic year and the last chance to see a game there?

  12. AROD is a LOSER. Hate to break it to you Skank fans…

  13. I see that this ridiculous website and “project A13” is now dead, just like ARod and the Yankees. You guys can’t even sell tickets. Meanwhile Boston just passed 500 straight sellouts in ole Fenway Park.

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